Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Friday: Funny Things I Learned Last Thursday

Many of you might have noticed I posted Fun Friday last week on the wrong day;
I posted on Thursday!

Funny, because as I reviewed Friday's scheduled posts, on Wednesday night, I knew the next day was not Friday.

But, when I woke up in the morning, I carried on like it was!
I sat down, opened up my computer, noticed that none of my blogs had posted, chalked it up to another annoying tech error...

"Grrrrr....", I thought, "Sometimes I despise technology!"

Oh well, just verify that that Friday is February 10th (and per the calendar - Feb. 10th IS a Friday)...
 then force the posts through.

So, ignoring the feeling that something was amiss, and encountering what I assumed to be another internet glitch, I worked busily on 'fixing' the 'problem'...then received a text message from a  friend:

"Today is not Friday, it's Thursday".

Okay. I thought...
So?.....What's that suppose to mean?

After a little while I realized, indeed it was Thursday! I was posting all of my Fun Friday's on Thursday!


All I could do was laugh!

How funny! I was so deep in thought that it was Friday, I even posted my Friday blogs!

I laugh every time I think of it.

What a silly mistake...

Last Thursday, I learned several things:

1. People pay attention (thank you, dear friend).
2. Some people care enough to tell you when you screw up (thank you again, oh wonderful friend).
3. When you get that little feeling like something doesn't add up, stop & think, because there's probably a  
    reason for it.
4. No matter how much you wish Thursday would be Friday, it simply is not.

Are you able to laugh at your mistakes? 
If so, share.