Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Love This Product For To-Do Lists

I love utilize to-do lists.

As a business owner and mom, I always have more than one list of tasks going at a time.

Over the years, I've tried several apps, and systems, of getting priorities listed, organized, and in a safe place.

I've used:

Sticky notes (and oldy but goody, but messy)
Simple paper and pen (long hand and doesn't' jump out of the book to remind you)
Notepad app in my phone (eh, just not working)
Emails to myself (wow, don't try this at home- black hole)
Other task management apps for my computer (like iProcrastinate)

But recently I tried Producteev!

And I love it, Because:

I like to be organized
See my to-do lists at a clear glance
Use it on my phone which helps me be efficient and organized on the go and sync

I also love it, because:

I don't like to miss deadlines (and it reminds me)
I like to visual prioritize (it uses a star system)
I like to give my husband a Honey-do list once in a while and it does that!

Thank you Producteev for helping keep my get things done efficiently, while feeding my husband's app-addiction in a good way!

Things in life aren't free, but Producteev is!