Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Friday: Messing Up Our Lives Has at Least One Positive Point

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(not sure of it's origin)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Know the Reason So Many People are Unemployed

I know, I know.... according to the latest polls, unemployment is down, but I look around and still see so many reasons why people have lost their jobs, and will continue to.

Every thing is so automated now a days.

Recently, I had to head over to the nearest lab for some testing. This particular lab is located in the local hospital, and to check-in for your appointment you actually visit the 'check-in kiosk', instead of stopping to talk to a person.

No more registering with a body. There is simply one person on duty, at a nearby desk, for any 'added' info or additional questions.

The kiosk is your admin person.


All I needed to do was punch my info into a computer, which was hidden behind a little wooden cubby; things like my birthdate, zip code and confirm some insurance info and my address.


Checked in and done.

Within about fifteen minutes everything was complete, even the lab appointment.

It's wonderful that this visit was so efficient. Though, not wonderful when I thought about the person behind the desk that is there no longer there.

Computers: our friend, and our enemy.

Other places where I've noticed computers replacing people, and cutting down on how many bodies which companies have to employ:

  • I can avoid driving to the bank for a deposit, because I can use my iPhone to do the check deposit.
  • I don't think many of us reach a body upon our first three minutes on the phone with any given company.
  • At the library, I can check out my books at either of the 'virtual librarians'.
  • Self-Check-Out which initially began in grocery stores, is now in several other types of stores.
  • Self-Serve areas at the Airport, Post Office, and Computerized Voting Machines etc....
Time is hard to come by, so I'm happy we can gain more of it by utilizing automated, electronic, and computerized systems (in most cases), but I am sad for those who are no longer employed, because these computers they were replaced by them.

I can only hope that this might actually turn out to be positive in the long run, because those who are replaced by robots/computers can get a new lease on life by starting a new career which they love more! 

Gauging by the way the world is evolving, they will never be without a job.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Erase It...and Start Over

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. 
~ Susan Ohanian

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Love Magazines!

Most people think magazine subscriptions are either a waste of money or are going out of style.

I don't believe they are...and....Gosh, I hope not!  Because I love them!

Someday, I'd even love to publish one of my own one day!!

Yeah, okay, so they may seem a bit costly to purchase, but there a ways to read them at a discount,  or for FREE!

These are just some of my favorites:

and some men's magazines because they cover things 
like health, recipes (yes, recipes) sports, cars and no-nonsense topics all in one place.

But, where can you read them without buying them?

1. If you don't yet have a library card, get one, because the library truly is your best source for free reading (in general).

2. Borrow them from a neighbor, friend or relative when they are done with them.

3. Go in on a subscription 50/50 with someone.

4. Ask for it as a gift (it's better than getting that turquoise sweater that's two sizes too big which you know you could never wear)!

5. Buy them when local school kids are doing magazine drives (you are putting your money towards supporting a good cause while getting a goody in the mean time (think of it like a box of Girl Scout cookies- except it'll last longer!

Bottom line: I like magazines because they are so much more personalized way to get the info you are interested in. They are current, compact and reusable! There are literally thousands on the market and you can get subscriptions on line just as well as in the mail.

Try this website for some fun unique titles.

Visit this site for more magazines.

Oh, and about that recipe thing.... here's one of my favorite recipes which came from a men's mag:

Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potato Chips (They're not ALL 'A man and a can' recipes'!)

Cut potatoes lengthwise into 1/2 inch thick slices.
Dump the slices and 2 Tbsp olive oil (I have adjusted this to about 1/4 cup or more), 1 Tbsp paprika (I've often used more), 1 Tbsp black pepper (sometimes I use less) into a zip lock freezer bag, shake up to coat. (The more coated, the yummier.)

Broil in oven for about five minutes and flip chips once then continue until golden brown.  YUMMY!

What's your favorite magazine?
And Why?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Friday: Fun Greeting Cards You'll Love!

Get this card at
Festive, fun Friday
It’s the end of the week
You’ve made it at last
Now it’s enjoyment you seek

Your friends and your family
Are relieved just like you
It’s all about pleasure
And spending time too

So, kick back, relax
Join your Irish friends soon
For some corned beef and cabbage
At a pub right at noon!

"From your office or home, send someone a poem!"

I have to say, 
I have some great friends! 
And, some very talented ones too!

This Irish poem comes to you from a very dear friend
who writes these herself!

You can visit her website and order any type of card, personalized with a picture and a poem,
for any particular day, celebration (even deaths and illnesses), mailed to whomever you want!!

No matter what the event or occasion, Deb has the poem for it.

Visit her site today!

She Rocks!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Love Rock and Roll and a quote from Eddie Van Halen

Why I Love Rock & Roll:

  1. Because, without it I would never be able to get the house cleaned fast enough...
  2. Because, I'm an 80's kid.
  3. Because, I hung out with the long hairs in high school.
  4. Because, I had friends in bands.
  5. Because, there was MTV!!! (And Headbangers ball!)
  6. Because, a lot of the time Rock & Roll makes a lot of sense!
  7. Because, Elvis was born.
  8. Because, I was in love with Jon Bon Jovi... (which came first, Bon Jovi or my love for R&R?)

And to think....I turned out okay after all of that...
It doesn't matter what you're in matters who you are...

~ Don't Judge ~

"It's always a Catch-22 situation. 
They hate you if you're the same, and they hate you if you're different." 
~ Eddie Van Halen

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Y.I.Phone Wednesday: Why I Said Goodbye to My Blackberry

Recently, I said goodbye to my 'Beloved Blackberry...
Probably, for much of the same reason many other's have...

It's, as my husband says, 'antiquated'.

I really had not thought of describing my BB that way,
I liked it, I really did not have any big complaints about it....
but, compared to my iPhone,
I do think it's:


THIS is in no way a Blackberry bashing...

This was actually a hard decision for me.

Familiarity is nice.
Having gotten used to it's functions and operating system,
I didn't want to get rid of my Blackberry.
I don't usually purchase something to replace something-which-still-works,
In the past, I'm almost always the last one with the latest technology,
I really don't care about games, gadgets, apps or surfing the net on my cell phone...


I work with the internet and communicate via email often.
I am a business owner, a volunteer and a busy mother, and I have many schedules to keep.
Time is at a premium for me.

with the recent crash of my laptop,
and the new switch to an iMac at home, 

I had been bitten....

I'd tasted convenience,
had a peak at continuity,
simplicity and efficiency.

I like those things.

sayonara my dear friend.
I've moved on to:

synced calendars
connected notes & to-do lists between computer/phone
quick desktop-access email
simplified documents
a big screen
and lot's more...

I can't say I didn't try...

When I was thinking of what the iPhone offered,
I looked at the 'new and improved' Blackberries hoping I wouldn't have to say Goodbye...

Sadly, they left me wondering what was new besides the color and shape,
because it was clearly still 'Blackberry'.

I am a fair person, so, since I've touted my new toy,
let me give you the cons of going from a Blackberry to the iPhone:

Contacts lose extra notes when transferred, so beware when switching over
I am (still) not a fan of touch screens for texting and emailing, though it is better than most touch screens
With Blackberry, I could use Bluetooth to transfer pictures to my Mac (with iPhone I can't)
Blackberry was fun to say...
and everyone knew I hadn't spent too much money on it.

(It annoys me when people think I spent a couple hundred on my new gadget...remember, I like efficiency and saving money...Yes, it was on sale for fifty bucks...)

Now, I am time and money efficient, because:

I will never have to buy multiple calendars because I can sync several,
I won't ever have to print out directions/emails (saving trees),
I don't need to pay for VZ Navigator or a GPS system,
I won't lose my eyesight as quickly due to all of that unnecessary squinting,
I can work with my clients documents on the road because they link up between my computer and phone while tracking edits,
I can deposit checks by taking a picture of them (how cool is that?)...

O.K...I'll stop...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Motivational Magnet Project

Since they were invented, refrigerators have been the most visited place in the home for us to get nourishment.

Though some of us go there to feed our minds as well.

At least I do.

You see, my fridge has a bunch of motivational magnets on it, so on any given day, not only do I gravitate towards my ice box for food, but I also visit it for inspiration.

I feel like on my worst days, my fridge talks to me, not for real of course, because if it did, it would  probably say, 'Do you really think no one knows about the stash of chocolate you keep in the hidden cubby on the door?', or, 'Choose the carrots over the ice cream!', but it does have many words on it that speak to my soul.

So, I thought that for the 7 weeks I will be dedicating Monday's to My Magnet Project...
I plan on sharing all of the motivational and inspirational words on my fridge.

If you have a favorite quote from yours, please share it with me and I will post them. I can be emailed a picture, or you can comment at the bottom of this post with the quote.

Here's The First for 
Magnet Monday's

This one is an oldy, but goody...
The magnet is about 15 years old...
and it's one quote that everyone should have on their fridge
 and in their mind.

To accomplish great things
we must not only act but also dream
not only plan, but also believe.
-Anatole France

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fun Friday Post: Think Positive

Fun Mario made of cans,
Success comes in can's, failure come's in can'ts
-Author Unknown