Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Y.I.Phone Wednesday: Why I Said Goodbye to My Blackberry

Recently, I said goodbye to my 'Beloved Blackberry...
Probably, for much of the same reason many other's have...

It's, as my husband says, 'antiquated'.

I really had not thought of describing my BB that way,
I liked it, I really did not have any big complaints about it....
but, compared to my iPhone,
I do think it's:


THIS is in no way a Blackberry bashing...

This was actually a hard decision for me.

Familiarity is nice.
Having gotten used to it's functions and operating system,
I didn't want to get rid of my Blackberry.
I don't usually purchase something to replace something-which-still-works,
In the past, I'm almost always the last one with the latest technology,
I really don't care about games, gadgets, apps or surfing the net on my cell phone...


I work with the internet and communicate via email often.
I am a business owner, a volunteer and a busy mother, and I have many schedules to keep.
Time is at a premium for me.

with the recent crash of my laptop,
and the new switch to an iMac at home, 

I had been bitten....

I'd tasted convenience,
had a peak at continuity,
simplicity and efficiency.

I like those things.

sayonara my dear friend.
I've moved on to:

synced calendars
connected notes & to-do lists between computer/phone
quick desktop-access email
simplified documents
a big screen
and lot's more...

I can't say I didn't try...

When I was thinking of what the iPhone offered,
I looked at the 'new and improved' Blackberries hoping I wouldn't have to say Goodbye...

Sadly, they left me wondering what was new besides the color and shape,
because it was clearly still 'Blackberry'.

I am a fair person, so, since I've touted my new toy,
let me give you the cons of going from a Blackberry to the iPhone:

Contacts lose extra notes when transferred, so beware when switching over
I am (still) not a fan of touch screens for texting and emailing, though it is better than most touch screens
With Blackberry, I could use Bluetooth to transfer pictures to my Mac (with iPhone I can't)
Blackberry was fun to say...
and everyone knew I hadn't spent too much money on it.

(It annoys me when people think I spent a couple hundred on my new gadget...remember, I like efficiency and saving money...Yes, it was on sale for fifty bucks...)

Now, I am time and money efficient, because:

I will never have to buy multiple calendars because I can sync several,
I won't ever have to print out directions/emails (saving trees),
I don't need to pay for VZ Navigator or a GPS system,
I won't lose my eyesight as quickly due to all of that unnecessary squinting,
I can work with my clients documents on the road because they link up between my computer and phone while tracking edits,
I can deposit checks by taking a picture of them (how cool is that?)...

O.K...I'll stop...