Monday, August 13, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday on Monday: Why I'm Quitting Blogging

To Blog or Not to Blog...


In October of 2010 I started Yellow Inspiration.
Since then, I've blogged two more projects, begun a column, been working on a book and started a business.

Life is good.

I Started Yellow for a reason and that reason has grown and blossomed into the most amazing writing experience and visions I could have ever hoped for...

Even though writing a blog is free and easy...
it still takes time...

And, writing a book and running a business 
takes more time.

This Year, My One Word is:


The decision to not add new posts to Yellow Inspiration is supporting my goals.

For the past two years I have treated my blog like a business; which I suggest you do, if you have one.
People invest time in you, in your words and thoughts. They expect you to deliver quality content and consistency...

I think I have done that here.

And those are exactly the reasons Y.I. will not be blogging on Y.I. anymore.

But, I will promoting Y.I. Wednesday's  on my Family Matters with Amber Blog 
because I believe readers should all have a chance to get to know the person behind the blog.

If this is your first Visit to Yellow Inspiration, don't miss the 
279 Awesome Yellow Inspiration Archives 
to get motivation, rejuvenation and laughs.

Followers can still journey with me at:
@AmberInspiration on Twitter


What are your goals?
What do you need to let go of to accomplish them???

(but not my reasons)
'Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams; Live the Life You Have Imagined.' 
~ Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Enjoy Attending Church

Since I was a small child, I considered myself a spiritual person, and believed in my maker,
but I never felt that I HAD to go to church to be that way. 

I believed I could worship at home, pray at home or in the car, etc., and still believe.
While that was fine then, I found the more I grew in my faith, 
Being in church on Sunday was important. 

Besides showing my Father that I love him by being in his house on Sunday's 
here is a list of Why I Enjoy Attending Church:

At church I am fed (not your typical foodfood, but other nourishment):
  • The words of the Lord and the story of Jesus are offered to me to help me understand
  • His unconditional love and faith or felt
  • I feel accepted
  • I am forgiven
  • I leave renewed and revived
  • I know I am saved
  • I am ready to give back, love more, and let go of things which are not important
You might think that being in church on Sunday is too much of a commitment and takes up too much of your time...
Personally, I think being in church on Sunday FREE's Me.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wishing You A Happy Vacation!

It's only the beginning of August and you will certainly find, 
there are still several people going on vacation.

So, here is a poem for you or them, and as you can see, I cannot rhyme worth a darn...

THAT is why I leave it for my friend, and greeting card business owner, Deb:

Wishing someone a pleasant vacation, bon voyage, etc.,
as she found herself on a road trip to a wedding in South Carolina.
Some get there by car
Some jump on a plane
A ship in the ocean
Makes Julie refrain!
It’s always exciting
To go on a trip
The anticipation involved
Makes me almost flip!
There’s much to be done
Before one can relax
There’s packing involved
Should I take shorts or slacks?
Long sleeves or short?
A sweater or none
Hard tellin’, not knowin’
With Springtime and sun!
Anyway, I’ll be back
Sometime Sunday night
If a card needs sending,
I’ll do it up right!
Thank you so much
For the referrals you’ve given
When I see joy from others
Once again, I am driven!
“From your office or home, send someone a poem”

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Friday: Say this Word and Be Happy!


The actual spelling is actually: Booyah

But, seriously, have you ever just said it?

Think about a moment you were completely relieved that you reached a goal you were striving hard to hit or landed the job you always dreamed of?

I've said this phrase a few times in my life...


I totally recommend it; it's a super release, and from what I can figure out, it has a whole lot to do with the way you are breathing and the shape of your mouth...not just the word.

Just do it....see for yourself.
Try it with different emphasis on the beginning or end...

It's guaranteed to crack a smile.

Happy Friday!

I wonder what they say to themselves when they are initially accepted into the Olympics.
I wonder what the Olympians say when they win a medal?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Like This Search Engine

I really like Fine Comb

I've used other sources for shopping searches like Nextag, but this one is simple, easy and is absent of all that extra internet junk...
Check it out and tell me what you think!