Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Y.I. I Think We Can We Learn From Tragedy

The News-Herald

We have several options...

Hate, seek revenge, doubt, give up...


love better
become aware
analyze signs

I know in my heart of hearts, doing the right thing will supersede the wrong.

We need to do it...
To somehow reach the type of peace 
this world needs.

I told my ten year old daughter today,
I can say these things now,
 because it was not my child who was wounded, 
murdered, or who pulled the trigger...

But, it is times like these that can teach us.

One of deceased children's parents made a statement which mentioned,
that although they are grieving, they hope their child's organs being donated, will help another.

There is still good in the world.

Have hope...

I do.

You must be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, February 27, 2012

Test Drive #3: The One!

After Test Drive # 1 and 2, I wasn't sure what to pick next for a word.

I have wanted to accomplish so many things and every day feel as if I am spinning my wheels.


I wasn't sure...

I took a few days to think about the next word... 

Then it came to me...

I needed Goals!

There it was! 
My One Word for 2012!

G O A L S !!!!

There was no doubt in my mind that this test drive was going to go very well.

With Goals 
I could accomplish more...
Act with purpose,
And measure results.

I'd always had dreams, but not many detailed plans to get there. With practicing One Word, I knew it could help me get all of my dreams in order and help break them down into specific plans.

So, would you like to know how it's been going since January 1st?


I've always wanted to spend more time on my book, more time with my kids and get more done in my business and GOALS is helping me with that!

With GOALS as my word, I am always reminded of where I want to be and what I am trying to accomplish! I have dedicated certain days and times to completing my parenting book,
created work hours for my home business, have organized the finances, the family calendar, and blogging time into specific time slots and now I always know where I am and where I'm going and no longer waste time doing what isn't helping me reach my goals.

Using GOAL as My One Word for 2012
has made me stop and think a lot about the end result I want...
and encourages me to eliminate things off my schedule which aren't contributing to the things that are important to me...

I am also utilizing time better and seeing results!

If you are looking for more focus in your life, write down some things that are important to you, then only do things that resonate with those priorities.

Make some goals, 
pick one word 

Go For It!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Friday: In Memory of Chuck

This and more, can be found at
In memory of my dear adopted feline, Chuck
 (who was very much like this cat- both physically and mentally)

'Except Chuck's fur is neater'...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Choose to Participate in Lent

Chocolate on Wikipedia

I celebrate Lent for the reason Lent exists.
I am grateful for the sacrifice's made for me, my sins and my existence.

you may not be religious...

So, could you still consider Lent?

Maybe you can....
Did you know...

and can be a time (and way) 
for you to appreciate (by temporarily giving up)
things you have, or do, which many others don't.

Think about it...

I'll be's not easy...
but in the end, my family and I feel that it's well worth the sacrifice...

(If you decide to do it, and if this is your first Lent experience, go easy on yourself and don't try to give up things like coffee and chocolate-ask me how I know.)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Test Drive #2: Choice

Will this one be for me?

In December I test drove 3 words before choosing My One Word for 2012....This is my second test drive.

I might be the type who, at times, can make a mountain out of a molehill; make a problem bigger (or more important) than it really has to be. Not because I want to, but because I tend to perceive something to matter when it really shouldn't.

In tough situations, we sometimes just have to make a choice to let things go, be happy or sad, irritated or not... and maybe just move on....

With that being said, I wanted to work on encouraging myself to see I had those OPTIONS, and could, if I wanted to, just 'Let it Go'.

That sounded good to me...
that sounded GREAT!!!

This would be a PERFECT Word for 2012!

This would help me decipher the trivial from the not so trivial,
and move on to a happier more relaxed life.

Choice worked. 'Letting go' was a great thought!
And while it works, I found myself letting go too much!
At times, not worrying or making a stand for enough of the things which were important to me...

I soon realized that much like the Hummer pictured above...'Let it Go' (or Choice) was definitely not for me.

This is what I already knew:

  • I have choices and several of them I've made are because of things that were important to me.

  • I was already capable of letting things go because often I refrained from getting upset over insignificant things

  • I make a habit of choosing my battles wisely and actually tend to be passive enough already

On to Test Drive #3...


Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Friday: Funny Things I Learned Last Thursday

Many of you might have noticed I posted Fun Friday last week on the wrong day;
I posted on Thursday!

Funny, because as I reviewed Friday's scheduled posts, on Wednesday night, I knew the next day was not Friday.

But, when I woke up in the morning, I carried on like it was!
I sat down, opened up my computer, noticed that none of my blogs had posted, chalked it up to another annoying tech error...

"Grrrrr....", I thought, "Sometimes I despise technology!"

Oh well, just verify that that Friday is February 10th (and per the calendar - Feb. 10th IS a Friday)...
 then force the posts through.

So, ignoring the feeling that something was amiss, and encountering what I assumed to be another internet glitch, I worked busily on 'fixing' the 'problem'...then received a text message from a  friend:

"Today is not Friday, it's Thursday".

Okay. I thought...
So?.....What's that suppose to mean?

After a little while I realized, indeed it was Thursday! I was posting all of my Fun Friday's on Thursday!


All I could do was laugh!

How funny! I was so deep in thought that it was Friday, I even posted my Friday blogs!

I laugh every time I think of it.

What a silly mistake...

Last Thursday, I learned several things:

1. People pay attention (thank you, dear friend).
2. Some people care enough to tell you when you screw up (thank you again, oh wonderful friend).
3. When you get that little feeling like something doesn't add up, stop & think, because there's probably a  
    reason for it.
4. No matter how much you wish Thursday would be Friday, it simply is not.

Are you able to laugh at your mistakes? 
If so, share.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Believe in Love

Find this wallpaper here

Some say I'm a fool for remarrying...
I know, it is a little crazy...but...
Love is something which is not always easy to avoid...

Nor is it perfect (let's just set the record straight)...


Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.-Kahlil Gibran 

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Year Resolution: Test-Drive #1

In December I wrote about 'test-driving' my New Year's Resolution.

Last year, I traded in my old, beat up resolutions for a new shiny One which I would own for twelve whole months.

Because it was such a big investment, (much like purchasing a vehicle) I thought it might be wise to 'test-drive' a few first.

 I picked several things I felt I needed/wanted to focus on.

 I paired up words which made me think of (or meant) those things.

 I tried each of them for out for a week before I landed on my overall approach for 2012.

It was actually kind of fun. 

Here is The First Test Drive:


I thought since I could sometimes be some-what doubtful about the positive outcome of things, maybe I could use a more positive attitude; Faith seemed like a good word...


Just saying the word Faith feels good...doesn't it?


That after I tried it for a while, I realized that I related it more to church, my religion, saying prayers and reading the bible. Since those things are already present in my life, Faith to me did not work in the way that I thought it would for motivational purposes.

So, I tossed it out. 

(Not my faith, just the word.)

Back to the dictionary!

Read next Monday about Resolution Test-Drive #2.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Write (And Why You Should Too)

My Current Journal - A holiday gift last year and a place where  I write my goals and notes.

I write a lot.

I always have.

I actually still have a journal from age twelve. It's not the most beautiful thing in the world. Red, with a little, warn, brass lock and key...tattered binding and scribbled pages. It's here in my house somewhere...a closet maybe...and it might not be that important to me now, but that diary was my salvation when I was a teen.

I didn't feel like I could talk to my parents, and I had to get stuff out, so I wrote.

Journaling became my saving grace when I was an adult, too.

Going through tough times in my marriage/divorce with my 'X', I wrote like a fiend -and yes- I still have those journals too (they are buried and I have no plans of re-reading them...- well maybe I will prior to burning them someday-) they saved me. I had people to talk to then, including a therapist, but there was still so much that just spilled over. It had to go somewhere.

Since those days, I've had three children who need my time and as a busy parent I cannot always journal my thoughts and ideas, but I still write. Most of it is here, or my other two blogs, and in my parenting-book-to-be and my family column.

My writing seems as if it's transformed now, and is more for others than for me. The topics I choose to write about are things I hope others will benefit from...and I consider what others might be coping with or striving to do, though I almost always include something personal and of my own experience.

Visit all of the blogs that are being written now. Many of them are regular people who want to make sense of the world around them and want to share their beliefs and perspectives, as well as a little of their personality.

If you think about it, writing is a very intimate thing.

Hand writing (back in the day) was even more personal, and seems as if it is becoming extinct. (Cursive writing might possibly be phased out of schools.) This is sad, because someones handwriting cannot be duplicated, and no two people will ever think exactly alike or describe something the same way. Not only can you connect with someone from the past when they have died, but you can sort out your own life by writing.

Here are three ways that writing can help you too:

  • Journaling can be therapeutic. At times when you do not understand something, it's good to write out the question... Read it and re-read it to yourself...sometimes you'll come up with the answer immediately. (That is usually your gut instinct talking to you.)

  • When you're upset, journaling about it, or writing an angry letter (that you never intend to mail) can be an excellent way to channel anger - leaving you refreshed and calm. This is the wisest way to work out aggressive thoughts because it gets it all out of your head without making the mistake of saying something you will regret later. 

  • Writing down goals, journaling dreams, making plans in ink....all make things real.
  • Problems become easier to break down when they are written out. It's also easier to dissect them to find out if A) they are really that big of a deal, B) how to tackle them.
  • It can help your children learn more about you. If you leave a very personal connection behind for your family to read. (The book stores and Amazon are full of these types of journals where all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your answers.)

From experience, all of these things work. Many people will claim they despise writing. Those are the ones who should try it. 

Get out a piece of paper and pen, and just start jotting down some thoughts. 

There are many ways to express yourself...try might be surprised about what you find.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Plan Ahead to Stay in the Present

These days so many people are encouraging us to stay in the present.

I support this, though can rarely do it. Like most people, my attention is often directed in so many different directions due to busy schedules and multiple media influence.

But, my inability to sit still and be in the now, isn't always because of that....

It's also my own lack of time management.

In the beginning of the year I chose my new One Word for 2012. Very quickly I realized that to be successful with it, I would have to get better organzied.

And, one of the best ways for me to do this was to plan ahead.

Doing this might sound a bit counterproductive to 'staying in the present', but it's not actually.


Because, getting your to-do list out of the way as soon as you think of it (or know about it):

A) Gives you more time to do what you want to later.
B) Allows you to be more relaxed, less hectic and less overwhelmed.
C) Gives you an opportunity to pick a Plan B (or C) in case Plan A doesn't work out.
D) Affords you more sleep (because you won't be so stressed about tomorrow, since it's already been taken care of!
E) Gives you a longer time period to save for things (or find them on sale).
F) Helps you avoid late fees.
G) Gives you the gift of time: time to relax, enjoy the moment and make a decision without pressure.

Doesn't all of that sound incredible!

 I know you are thinking though, it sounds good, but seems like it's the opposite of procrastination...

It is.


I did say that I was someone who wouldn't tell you what you want to hear.

And I won't....

Don't put off today  tomorrow what you can do today....

Plan ahead, so you can actually enjoy tomorrow.

The other option?

Still having to get done what's on the to-do list, except having to do it in a hurry.

I'd rather have Plan A.

Friday, February 3, 2012

For All the Sports Fans!

'The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is probably the guy who dropped it.'
  ~ Lou Holtz

Read more about this picture

And here's another one for the fans back home:

Found this yesterday on a friend's Facebook post.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Love the Beach in the Off Season

I went to the beach yesterday. What a beautiful day it was. Sunny and 60, with a slight breeze... Wow...

While I was there, it was hard not to notice the quiet.

Other than that, all I heard were seagulls flying above, a nearby train passing by and the water splashing up onto the shore.

It was the most wonderful way to spend my afternoon.

I like to the beach most in the off-season, when there are fewer people and it's not crowded and busy.

During my time there today, I heard no clicking of the mouse, no ringing of the phone, no text notifications, no car horn beeping......

The beach in the off season is my quiet place. 

For me, it's Peace at it's fullest.

While I walked on the sand, I picked up a few small rocks, like I usually do when I go.

I thought about random things...nothing pressing.

I sat down and read a chapter of a book.

But, most of all I just closed my eyes and listened.

Nature has to be the best place to take a time-out, because there's nothing there that's man-made.

It's all natural, and all amazing.

What strange weather for the last day in January... in a northern (snowy) state such as ours.

But I feel lucky that it is this warm, and that I was able to enjoy today this way.

I believe it was enough to refresh me until the next time I go.

Where's Your Quiet Place and Why Do You Go There? 
Is it to rejuvenate, gain clarity, or simply just to relax? 

Wherever your quiet place is, I hope you go there often.