Monday, October 3, 2011

Patience, Gas and Grace

This past Friday afternoon,  during peak traffic time I was making several stops on what I consider an empty tank of gas. Let me rephrase that: On what my car considers 'fumes'.

I had to get to an appointment at a specific time and felt that I'd left myself plenty of room to do my errands, fuel up and be on my way without being late.

The first stop took twice as long as expected. The second stop took some extra time as well...and as I pulled into the first gas station I came to, cars were lined up all the way out into the road. (No, I do not believe this gas station was having a great sale or anything, -I WISH. I'm pretty sure most of these people just had the same idea as I did....'I'll fill up on payday'.)

I was the third car in a line of cars that were sitting in the road, and hadn't made it into the actual entrance yet, so I knew this hold-up was going to make me late for sure. I felt like I was verging on a toe tapping moment of aggravation. I quickly scanned the pumps. Each and every one had multiple cars pumping and waiting.  I kept hoping I'd find someone just leaving so I could zip in. As I got closer to the pump lines, and with traffic lining up behind me, some of the cars had my initial idea to zoom around the pumps looking for an open spot.

Something strange happened for me though...I let them all speed by me...

Then, I opted to pull up to the first pump I came to. And even though it had one of the biggest trucks at it, and was probably the person pumping the most gallons of gas- besides the giant brown R.V. to my left, I ecided to sit and wait for him to get done.

I'd learned from past moments of impatience, how it usually does me no good to rush around looking for a spot because in the end I'm usually left angry, out of luck and I end up waiting longer anyhow.

Having patience felt great! I relaxed in the car and was able to catch up on a blog I subscribe to where the topic was public speaking. As I read the post I thought, 'How perfect! This might be a while, and this blog is really great!

When I was done, I was late to my appointment, but I wasn't late and mad.

I haven't talked much about My One Word lately, but I still try daily to use it.

When I thought about my choice to use patience at the pumps, I knew immediately it meant that I was using My One Word.

I knew I didn't need to expend energy, and emotion, doing something counterproductive. Instead I could just sit still and relax. It felt good to be calm, and breathe.

I ended up having a great afternoon, thanks to My New Year's Resolution of using My One Word.