Monday, January 9, 2012

What Does It Mean to Reinvent Yourself

Many of the best of companies, car makers and entertainers have reinvented themselves.

Sometimes they are referred to as 'sell-outs', other times they're respected.

I consider them smart.

Bon Jovi was one who reinvented himselve. When he realized that the big hair bands of the 80's were not the way of the world anymore, he lopped off his locks, versed some new hits and is a success today because he evolved.

Everyone needs to renew themselves from time to time and since change is inevitable, the sooner we realize it, the smoother the transition will be.

Here are a list of people who've reinvented themselves successfully (sometimes more than once):

According to Don't Drink the Koolaid:
Michael Jackson reinvented himself 42 times
Apple – We at Bailey Gardiner are creative people. What would we do without our Macs? Apple started a revolution in the 70’s when it first launched its brand. Skip past a few years of failed reinvention attempts… fast forward through the launch of the iMac … which takes us to present day in which Apple has a unique reputation for creating shiny products with an aesthetically-pleasing design, like the iPhone, iPod and Macbook.  I like the shiny.
Gucci – Tom Ford joined Gucci in 1990 when the company was on the brink of liquidation. As the company’s creative director, Tom Ford transformed and saved the brand. He revived the double G logo and added gloss and glamour to change fashion history.

Check out these sites (life just might be trying to tell you you could use a change):

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