Monday, September 12, 2011

Who's Life is it Anyway?

Who's life are you living?

What were you put here on Earth for?

What dictates what you do and what you don't do?

I was having a conversation with my teenage daughter the other day about being open minded.
I said that it takes open-mindedness to really find out how you feel about things.

At the end of our conversation on views and opinions, she told me that I was an 'awesome person'.

To me that was the best compliment I could ever receive from one of my children. I asked her why she thought this.

Her reply:
'Because, you don't let anyone boss you around, you live your life the way you want to.'

My response was, 'I only have one life; why should I live it for somebody else?' (Of course I live very much of it for my children, but other than that, I live life for myself.)

That reply should not be taken as selfish, though maybe it is...I believe that this is my own life and I take time to understand who I am and be who I am, otherwise my life is not worth living.

'One cannot fully blossom as an individual if they are stuck in the confines of someone else's beliefs and ideals.'-Amber J Chapman

Be Yourself.