Wednesday, March 16, 2011

FU on Grace

Today was not a very graceful day…maybe it has something to do with the chocolate….

Anyway, I swore, (and I’ve vowed to stop that) I yelled out loud in my car at another driver on the road and I pouted at the end of the day.

I’ve been struggling a little bit with My One Word…and that is why I’ve decided to do a little FU on Grace

Follow up, that is.

I’m not perfect, heck, that’s why I’m using Grace  as My One Word this year; to help me practice being Graceful in all aspects of my life….


If I had picked kindness, compassion, or charity, there’d be no problem…
Or, if I chose humbleness, strength, or maybe humor, I’d say again, NO problem,  ‘I got this’…. 

But, if I had, it’d be too easy.

So, I picked Grace


I picked Grace because I felt that I needed reminding sometimes. I needed a cue to force me to display patience when I didn’t want to, and give forgiveness when I should but can’t. 

It sounded like a great idea!

I really don’t do long lists of New Year’s Resolutions anymore and I thought choosing a word to live by for 12 months would be fun!

Yeah, no, it’s hard.

I definitely don’t want to discourage anyone from doing it. I just advise you be prepared.
‘This ain’t no picnic Boo Boo.’

It’s biting your tongue, holding your breath, counting to ten, and sometimes just walking away.
It’s seeing someone for good, rather than bad. Viewing things from other people’s perspectives. It’s taking time to reel yourself in and think about what you do and why you do it.

The good thing about My One Word is I never feel discouraged so much that I want to quit it. Since this type of resolution is one that is just between me (well.. and now you..) and myself. I know that if I get it wrong today, I will learn something from it and then get back on track tomorrow with practicing Grace.

If you’d like to try doing what I am doing, visit this site, it is one of my favorites and it’s where I got this idea.
My One Word:

On this site you can do an exercise or two. You can also read some inspirational stories and take a few minutes to gain insight into yourself, who you want to be and where you want to go. 

Or… you could just get frustrated trying to live by One Word …LIKE ME!!

If you visit the site or choose your own One Word, please come back and share with me what you thought and/or what One Word you chose.

Tomorrow is another day….

Hopefully it will be GRACEFUL.



  1. Just spoke with some friends about One Word...mine is OPEN. Not as easy as one might think but I love the whole concept and am looking forward to the whole year!

  2. I'm so excited that you're doing it and I'm so glad you're sharing One Word with others!!! What will OPEN represent to you? How are you planning to apply it? It's interesting to learn what others want to work on.

  3. When I spoke to Sally the other day about her One Word, I asked her to elaborate. She said OPEN meant being open to opportunity, open to change, open to the paths ahead of her in life. At first when she said Open, I wondered to myself if that would be an easy word to do. And as she explained the reasons she chose it I admired her and realized that it may be somewhat challenging. Being open meant having no fear, having trust, having faith. Being open would mean having confidence that the plan for you is there and that after every hurdle, IT - or another plan- will be there for you in the end. None of these is simple. Being open to change is something else that's not easy. We are human, and humans are not perfect. Being open is essentially admitting imperfection and self-acceptance while always knowing that their is a greater power that can transform you, if you let it. OPEN; what a great word Sally:) Thank you for letting me share.