Monday, April 25, 2011

Numbers a Coincidence?

I don’t know much about numerology, but I do have this thing with numbers.  

I find it fascinating sometimes how things completely work out with the same series of numbers adding up or showing up.

Makes we wonder if it’s fate or coincidence? 

I have never found the time to look up numerology, so if after reading this blog, if you have some fantastic insight for me regarding this type of stuff, I would love for you to enlighten me!

I began noticing number connections when I was 13 and I will share with you my string of numbers.

My lucky/favorite numbers are 3, 7, and 13.

At 13, my dad moved us to a new town. Our new house # ? 13.

I have three children. I planned on having more, but my ‘X’ said no. I landed on 3 forever because we were divorced.

My lucky day has always been Friday the 13th; never any bad luck, not superstitious. My first day of custody trial began on Friday the 13th! And we won!

When I was a teen my telephone # was it's prefix-then it's prefix with a 2 at the end.
My phone # now, you wouldn't believe me if I told you it's part of my address with my lucky number and the # of members in my family .

Speaking of my address, yes, it has the #13 in it....
Two out of three of my children were born on a day that ended with the same number as the year they were born in:
My last child was supposed to be born on a similar date: --/-4/04 
This would've been my son’s birthday. He was planned for a c-section on this day but on a pre-op visit they noticed that the O.R. over-scheduled and so he would arrive a week early…so close.

I was divorced one year to the day from when I asked for the divorce. I approached my spouse in June 2005…
Exactly twelve months later, and at the 11th hour (court time) my divorce was finalized.. 
The # of the day ended the same as the year did- --/-6/06. 

My daughter and my fiancé share a date: her birthday and his wedding with his first wife.

My other daughter and my fiancé have birthdays that are 1 day apart.

His mother, my grandmother and my ex-husband all share birthdays.

And something that I never thought about it until today-not too sure why-but I realized my birth year has 2 of my lucky numbers in it.

And my last weird-number-thing for now is kind of eerie but comical:

Last night we watched the movie Number 23 and in it the main character was reading a book that mimicked his life (or so he thought). 23 was the # that made him mad (as in crazy).

While I sit down to write this I had to look back at one particular post to see how long ago it was published online, what do I see? 

It was published on the 23rd.
Then I think, what day is it today????

AH! The 23rd!

YIKES! Weird or just a coincidence?

Ah, who knows?
I won't be losing any sleep over it though.

And about the movie: it was okay; actually a little bizzar'o.
But if you like Jim Carrey, he’s in it. Check out thisYouTube Link-short trailer-
(In the movie Jim Carrey does his best to contain his Jim-Carrey-isms…but they still leak out from time to time.

What’s YOUR #? And where does it keep showing up?


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