Monday, June 6, 2011

Dream On...

Have you ever wondered what happened to the people you knew who had dreams?

Do you wonder whether or not your high school classmate ever purchased that piece of land in the country and started a farm on it? Do you secretly hope your old friend Patty opened up that consignment shop she always dreamt of?  Are you hopeful that your neighbor from ten years ago finished law school and has their own firm by now?


Have you spoken to all of them since and you’re pretty sure they ditched their dreams a long time ago because Patty is now a stay-at-home mom and claims she is too busy to open a store… your old classmate works downtown 80+ hours a week, and your neighbor quit school because of a rough semester…?

These folks had dreams….

Did you? 

Well, I know I did.

For at least ten years I’ve been saying I will one day write a book. (From what I understand this is a common problem among many writers...’oh phfew, I feel so much better now'…NOT.)

I will someday write that book and I won’t write just one; I will write many books. 

I know this, because it’s my dream and I’m not about to abandon it. 

It might be taking me a while, but I am still holding on to it.

Our dreams I’ve realized-- only die when we let them.

It sounds terrible, but it’s true.

When we stop believing in our dreams … is when they will never happen.

I have, at times, doubted my dreams; telling myself that people really don’t want, or need, what I have to share…but that is not true.
If I think about positively: all I have been through, I have a lot to share with others and I have a way to help others.
 - I was married for ten years
 - Divorced for five
 - I am successfully parenting three amazing children of various ages who are excelling beyond my wildest dreams.

Additionally, I have majorly turned my life around from multiple mistakes due to a majorly dysfunctional adolescence.  

You may think the world doesn’t need your dream because you imagine your idea won't  make a difference.

But, think again…
 -Where would you be without your microwave?
 -How often do you use toothpaste?
 -How important is your phone?
 -Do you utilize air flight?

These are things…and I know that not all of us are into inventing things…

So, then, ask yourself these: 
-How many people has the Red Cross helped?
-What has the Peace Corp done for the world?
-How much of a difference has the United Way made?

Whether it’s a product or service…or even just a quote, which could better the lives of others…
Don’t you dare give up on your Dream.

The world needs you.

So if you are like me and have not yet fulfilled all of your dreams, don’t stress…timing is everything. 

Purpose, vision, and belief are everything else. 

Who knows, maybe time is on your side. 

You might just need the experiences of today to achieve your dreams tomorrow.

'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.' - Elenor Roosevelt


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