Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are Thank You Cards Extinct?

One of the very last of my typewriter thank you cards by Markings:(

I received a real thank you card in the mail last month.

I'd spent some time helping out a friend and she sent me the most beautiful card to thank me.

It was wonderful to find a pleasant piece of old-fashioned mail in my mail box for a change.
I could hold it in my hand. I could read the handwriting and feel the hug that she sent.

Most of all I felt really happy that she went through the trouble to pick that card out, think of something sweet to write and actually paid for a stamp and mailed it.

With the amount of text messaging and emails people send everyday, a 'thank you' is most likely passed off as a quick abbreviation: T.Y. (or the one I use most is TU).

How do you say a sincere thank you? And when was the last time you received one?

Do you send letters or cards, do you make a phone call, or just send a quick-high-tech-message and hope that the receiver feels the 'warm & fuzzy' you're trying to express?

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