Wednesday, November 17, 2010


In lieu of Thanksgiving next week I thought I might share something  that I learned a couple of years ago.

I was taught this great daily exercise that maybe some of you have heard of before. You might even do it already.
The person teaching it to me was my boss at the time and a very motivated person who enjoyed motivating others. I respected that and and so I was open to hearing about it, even though it was called BAG.
The BAG exercise was not at all positive sounding. When I thought of bag, I immediately imagined a grocery bag, a tote bag, a bag lady…anything but something awe-inspiring and motivating.
Though once the exercise was explained to me and I understood the concept, as well as each letter’s meaning and purpose, I found it to be EXTREMELY inspiring!
The exercise, which should be done in the morning, to start (and eventually you want to get to twice a day, once before you get going in the morning and once at night before you go to bed, so you are always working on positive thoughts during the day and while you sleep) should be somewhat be executed quickly  and easily, leaving you stress free, relaxed, positive and motivated!
Although, leave it to me to turn it into a complicated two day project. I was taking too long to find the answers to the questions being asked of me. I felt that like I needed to be elaborate, detailed and really reach for something.
All I had to do was keep it simple and answer instinctively to each letters meaning:
B.  Which stands for Blessings, which was an easy one. Anything that I was grateful for that day is what I listed.
A. Which stands for Accomplishments, was a step up and took some more thought. Still, not too bad.
G. Oh, boy, we had a problem. I’m not go-to-gal when it comes to making goals..I tend to confuse my goals with my to-do-list. Bad,very badL
It took me a while to work through G. And I had to use pencil for the first week so that I could erase my to-do’s and replace them with real goals. But once I had that part down, I looked forward to using my B.A.G. each day, and it quickly began to work in the way that it was supposed to!
I would love for you to try B.A.G. or,  if you do it already, share with me how you like it.
I wonder if like me, you will find it somewhat difficult at first to find accomplishments and goals.But, I hope that you will find the first letter in the bag, to be the easiest...
B, for Blessings. May it become your endless daily source of positive energy to get you through the really nasty moments of life J
Go ahead, start right now;) Don’t wait till the morning J


  1. What's in my B.A.G. today:

    God's Presence in my life
    My children
    My Significant Other
    Water,Air & Food
    The Justice System
    A Home
    A Job and My Boss

    -Raising three healthy, happy, children after a divorce(Straight from my eldest daughters mouth as she reads over my shoulder;)

    -Relocating to another state, alone, with three young children while weathering 3 layoffs in my new home state

    -Breaking the cycle from old school parenting,

    -Quitting many bad habits, i.e., maturing.

    -Forgiving myself and others

    -Get to my daughter's concert on time tonight


    -Have three blogs written and scheduled to post for the weekend

    -Complete rough draft chapter two of my book by next Sunday

  2. Amber - thanks for the inspiration! I think I will become a "B.A.G" lady myself! Just like you...I think I need to start with a pencil...I can see erasing going on!