Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Y.I. Made This Wednesday About Nursing homes

This was supposed to be a general blog post, regarding nursing homes, (but not a Y.I. Wednesday post)... and how they inspire me to respect history, elders and the nursing homes in general...

I was not able to finish the post, 
before the untimely passing of my grandmother.

It's been a week, since the passing of my 'Nanny'.

She was the light of my soul and the one who taught me most of what I know. I've had plenty of time to think, but not enough time to comprehend. A mother who stepped in, when my own could not (or would not). A vigilant, Noble, dedicated mother and human being...who saw a need in a child's life and filled it. I respect her, and love her for that.

I mourn the passing of such a significant person, and I hope that when you see an older person, a retired, elderly, convalescent-home-bound human being, your heart will feel a certain the old mentors we will miss.

Here is the start, and the unfortunate finish of my original Nursing Home Yellow Inspiration Post:

Nursing Homes

They all have a history...
And in them, resides someones mother, aunt, wife, sister and or mother.

A few weeks ago, as my daughter sang the National Anthem at a local old folks' home, I looked on in honor, pride and all of those who came before me.

I thought of those elders who have paved the way, torn a path, been the guiding light.

I respected their truths, love and words.

I never, in  a million years, expected to be burying my own grandmother this week.

But, I am.

The feelings I had that day, in that nursing home, will never ever come close to those I have today.

She is gone...I am here...and someday, we will all be in her place.

R.I.P. Nanny.

You will not have to eat that horrible food.
You will be slim, beautiful, healthy and unwrinkled...
You will be with the Lord 

I love you.

Liz Taylor-
And the gaze my grandmother had in her time.
Liz was someone my grandmother not only resembled, but admired.
(A picture she would be glad to be likened to.)

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