Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I am Proud to Support America via Indivisible

While in Starbucks the other day, I did what anyone would do when they see a cause they believe in...
I put my money where my mouth is.

I am proud to be born in America. 

Black or white, free will, freedom of religion and freedom of speech, I love America,
 and believe we have the drive, the passion and love, that a country needs to be successful, 
and it's exactly why I also want to help America grow.

We help less fortunate countries, we rally for rights, 
 give to the poor, and other causes…
We give money and walk hundreds of miles for Cancer research...

Why not give to America’s need for job growth?

It affects us all. Whether you are unemployed, an employee, an employer or own a small independently run business...

America needs jobs.

Check out what people are saying on Twitter about #indivisible.

Our goal in America is to co-exhist, unite and be free....

And together is the only way we can do it.
Support US Today!

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