Monday, February 6, 2012

Plan Ahead to Stay in the Present

These days so many people are encouraging us to stay in the present.

I support this, though can rarely do it. Like most people, my attention is often directed in so many different directions due to busy schedules and multiple media influence.

But, my inability to sit still and be in the now, isn't always because of that....

It's also my own lack of time management.

In the beginning of the year I chose my new One Word for 2012. Very quickly I realized that to be successful with it, I would have to get better organzied.

And, one of the best ways for me to do this was to plan ahead.

Doing this might sound a bit counterproductive to 'staying in the present', but it's not actually.


Because, getting your to-do list out of the way as soon as you think of it (or know about it):

A) Gives you more time to do what you want to later.
B) Allows you to be more relaxed, less hectic and less overwhelmed.
C) Gives you an opportunity to pick a Plan B (or C) in case Plan A doesn't work out.
D) Affords you more sleep (because you won't be so stressed about tomorrow, since it's already been taken care of!
E) Gives you a longer time period to save for things (or find them on sale).
F) Helps you avoid late fees.
G) Gives you the gift of time: time to relax, enjoy the moment and make a decision without pressure.

Doesn't all of that sound incredible!

 I know you are thinking though, it sounds good, but seems like it's the opposite of procrastination...

It is.


I did say that I was someone who wouldn't tell you what you want to hear.

And I won't....

Don't put off today  tomorrow what you can do today....

Plan ahead, so you can actually enjoy tomorrow.

The other option?

Still having to get done what's on the to-do list, except having to do it in a hurry.

I'd rather have Plan A.

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