Monday, March 5, 2012

Motivational Magnet Project

Since they were invented, refrigerators have been the most visited place in the home for us to get nourishment.

Though some of us go there to feed our minds as well.

At least I do.

You see, my fridge has a bunch of motivational magnets on it, so on any given day, not only do I gravitate towards my ice box for food, but I also visit it for inspiration.

I feel like on my worst days, my fridge talks to me, not for real of course, because if it did, it would  probably say, 'Do you really think no one knows about the stash of chocolate you keep in the hidden cubby on the door?', or, 'Choose the carrots over the ice cream!', but it does have many words on it that speak to my soul.

So, I thought that for the 7 weeks I will be dedicating Monday's to My Magnet Project...
I plan on sharing all of the motivational and inspirational words on my fridge.

If you have a favorite quote from yours, please share it with me and I will post them. I can be emailed a picture, or you can comment at the bottom of this post with the quote.

Here's The First for 
Magnet Monday's

This one is an oldy, but goody...
The magnet is about 15 years old...
and it's one quote that everyone should have on their fridge
 and in their mind.

To accomplish great things
we must not only act but also dream
not only plan, but also believe.
-Anatole France

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