Wednesday, October 27, 2010

See the Humor in Things

Another day in the life of Amber.
So what is a mother to do when her son decides that he is going to put a bowl of cereal into his backpack (yes with the milk) to save for later?
Well, after cleaning up the mess, I guess she only has one thing left to do; see the humor in the situation.
The last thing I ever thought I’d find in one of my children’s backpack was a bowl of cereal with spoon and what milk was left. He saved it from the morning until he was picked up from after school care.
Let me just say this: Milk does not travel well outside of its container.
What did I learn today?
I learned that with three children I should probably be prepared for anything and besides keeping some towels and surface cleaner in the car, I should always keep a sense of humor and lots of extra patience nearby.
(By the way, I am literally LOL.)

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