Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give Thanks, Part II

It’s my goal this week to write a blog a day about what I am thankful for. I have labeled each one in parts. I hope that you will join me every day in appreciating life’s many blessings.
Yesterday, I said I was grateful for the freedom to choose to have faith in God and the freedom to share it with family and friends.
Today is part II of Give Thanks, and I think you’ll like it ;)
Every person has that someone that has changed their lives. Someone that, without them, the world would make absolutely no sense what-so-ever. Someone who has changed their way of thinking, their point of views and their purpose.
I am blessed enough to have three of these.
They are my children.
Before them, it was all about me; my space, my clothes, my food, my time and my actions, which had no bearing on anyone but me.
There are certain things you learn  as a mother, sometimes sooner than if you are not a mom. Like new insights, a deeper empathy for others and a sense of priority and an overwhelming sense of selflessness (and yes, that is a word), some moms would call this guilt, ;) lol.
Besides my children, I would like to share some other things that I am grateful for (that I learned from my children) Some might seem random but I assure you, they are not.  And some might be so right on that you may sit in your chair and nod your head as you read.
Either way, join me in Giving Thanks to the three biggest blessings life could have handed me, as well as some of the lessons that came with… and that I could never do without…
1.       Fragile: Handle with Care
2.       Listen, and don’t speak
3.       Hug, A LOT!
4.       Say you’re sorry
5.       Laugh at your mistakes
6.       Be spontaneous
7.       Doing nothing can be a good thing
8.       It’s okay to dress down for Holiday Pictures (and they might even come out better because everyone is really comfy;)
9.       Always travel with: tissues, a sweater, a map, snacks and a book
10.   Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should
11.   Decorate for the Holidays, A LOT!
12.   No one will die if we don’t serve a vegetable with dinner
13.   Have Fun!
Here are thirteen lessons that I have learned from my children.  There’s more, believe me, but this is a great little list to share with you for today.
I give thanks that my life has been blessed with their gifts, their giggles and their teachings ;) I admire them. They are strong, bright and have happy, loving attitudes.
Life would never be the same without them. I would never be the same had they never come into my life.

Who in your life has made a significant impact on you and the way you live and think?
Whether they are still with you or not, give thanks that you have or had them at one time or another, and that they grace or graced your presence with their love and their lessons; they deserve a thank you.
Some people come into our lives and quickly go away...
Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts...
And we are never, ever the same..."
-- Unknown
2 of these pix were taken at Lake Metro Farm Parks on Tatum's Birthday this year, and the girls were photographed at a park in Willowick this summer.
Thank you, Taylor, Tatum & Justice, you are my sunshine. I never knew I could love another, like I love you.

And I never imagined that someone could change my life like you have.


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