Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why a Mission Statement?

The first time I created a mission statement was when I was preparing to become a columnist for the Norwich Bulletin in Connecticut.

The senior editor talked with me before we launched and went over the agenda and the scope of the job. He also asked me to create a mission statement. It was then that I put on paper what I wanted to accomplish with my writing.

My mission statement  for my column was :To help people find the profound moments in life’s daily routines, while inspiring them to gain insight and an optimistic mindset about the future.I basically wanted to help divorced readers find positive insight.

Because, as many divorcees will attest to, divorce can wreak havoc on your life.  Whether it was a necessary divorce, or not, whether you prepared for it or not, it can destroy your present world and leave your future world uncertain.

It’s as if you are standing in the middle of a bustling city with hundreds of things going on around you, there’s people everywhere. You have a secure feeling.  Then suddenly, the city stops, it becomes completely silent, and then each and every building falls down around you, simultaneously, with a crash. You are left standing alone, and there is nothing left but several large clouds of dust.  

The clouds of dust are the after math of divorce. And as you begin to rebuild, and work through each dust cloud of obstacles, you begin to see the light, and then you suddenly enter another cloud. Divorce is a hard thing to get through, and isn’t over in a day.

My goal as a columnist with Life Goes On was to help divorced readers get through their clouds of dust, helping them to know they weren’t the only ones going through it. For them,  and other readers going through different difficulties, I tried to leave them with positive thoughts by sharing my silver lining moments and humorous takes on the little things.

When the column was over, I didn’t think that I had the need for a mission statement. But, in Chapter 9 of the book, Live Your Calling, by Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck, they explain why we should write a mission statement for our life.

I was surprised to read that, I had thought that mission statements were just for businesses. But Kevin and Kay explain that your mission statement is your why. And when you know your why, you have the desire to take action in your life, and will have the drive to stay focused and motivated. The book says that if you have your why, it will help you make goals and prioritize things in your life based on your inner desire. Your why will keep you focused on your goals and will keep your goals in sync with your life’s purpose.

I was immediately inspired. I had had a why for my column. I have a why for my blog. I suppose I needed to have a why for my life.

My Mission Statement hasn’t changed much from the start of Life Goes On, it’s very much the same. I guess that’s how you know your true why…if 4 years later, you can say it almost verbatim from when you first wrote it.

My mission: To share with people my personal perspective and and the ways that I endure life’s events,  in hopes that they find some insight, inspiration or humor from it. To help improve emotional wellbeing by uniting people through common experiences, encouraging them to reach out to one another with empathy by sharing their thoughts and their life’s experiences with genuine understanding.

We are all the same emotionally. We all experience the same feelings. We all hurt and heal. We all get stuck in life, and we all persevere. It is how we cope with all of these, that is different.

I want to make people happy, help them feel better. I want to help them persevere and rebuild. I know my why. 

Do you?

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