Saturday, December 11, 2010

It was Christmas in our house last night....

About four hours ago, it was Christmas in our house. The children are exhausted and so are the parents.
We had a wonderful evening that began with participating in the narative, The Voices of Christmas, at church. I am amazed at my children's desire to participate as well as their strength and sacrifice every week, and the past several days practicing. Our first performance went beautifully. Nothing like last nights practice where mommy got stage fright!

My nine and six year olds really inspired me....they didn't miss a beat and supported me and prayed for me when it was my turn.

The kids will be spending Christmas this year with their father in Texas. I will miss them so very much. But that is one of the reason's we had our celebration tonight. We did not want to miss the fun of Christmas just because they won't be here. We wanted to experience it still.

While they are away, Santa will drop off a little something and fill their stockings. (He couldn't make a special trip from the North Pole this early in December.)

I hope that my children learn to improvise, think positive and problem solve. Because instead of waiting, complaining and such, we just really worked hard to work in a special night and time to do our Christmas.
Then, we will celebrate New Years on a special night as well.

Being a family of divorce, we have celebrated many special occassions on the 'off' days. Such as: Mother's Day, Birthdays, Halloween and now Christmas.

To us, it isn't the date matters, it's the company you are with and how you celebrate.
I would imagine that it's similar for those in the service, or whom travel so often and such far distances. Loved ones cannot always be together on the 'nationally declared' holiday, but at least, at some point they will be together.

Any day can be a day of long as you're together, that's what matters.

Merry Christmas to my family.. and Happy Saturday to you.



  1. Merry Christmas to your family! May everyday that you are together be a celebration!

  2. Thank you Sally! We had to make the decision, it was a hard one, but it was still wonderful ;)