Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Stay Motivated (Part I)

365 days is a long time.
A life-time is even longer.
So how do we stay motivated?
Many of us understandably need a nudge to get started. Other’s need a push.
New Years gives many of us an obvious jumping off point and that’s great. So with several good intentions we are off and running! We know what to do and we are ready to do it!!
So why don’t we keep going?
Well, one reason could be we don’t enjoy what we are doing. Doing the stuff that’s good for us isn’t always fun. And likewise, if something doesn’t come naturally we feel like its drudgery. We just can’t bare another moment of it.
Another reason is, when it will inevitably take months of hard work before we start seeing results on something, it’s discouraging and can be a major challenge to stay positive and keep doing the work without the payoff.
We may start to think that the goal was a meaningless one. Or we might tell ourselves negative things like, ‘Ah, you’ll never make it. This is too hard.’ it’s a quick downward spiral from there and it’s quite hard to start the climb again when you’ve seen how far you’ve fallen.
We all know what happens next.
When we start sliding backwards….we eventually quit.
So, here are a few tips to help you start strong and hopefully stay motivated:
·         Know why you are making the goal (put up visuals to remind yourself of the big reward)
·         Reward yourself periodically
·         Don’t allow other people, or things, to distract you
·         Get a partner or support person to help you stay positive (doesn’t have to be your resolution buddy, but someone else who is supportive and knows your why)
·         Don’t make excuses why not to do the work (our minds are not on our goals side sometimes) Our mind can help or hinder us and you are in control of which it does
Have faith. The hard work will pay off!  Sticking with something is mostly a matter of habit. They say creating a new habit takes about 21 days. So keep on going!




Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.- Jim Rohn

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