Wednesday, February 16, 2011

'Are We There Yet!??'

I can hear the birds chirping!
We are finally witnessing sunsets (the whole neighborhood was Facebooking about it the other day!) and little by little some of the ice is melting….
On Sunday I wore a coral colored sweater to church and many of the choir members wore spring colors as well; greens, pinks and light blues!
We are all hopeful for spring!
I’ve been so eager to open my cars sunroof and feel the warm air and smell the spring breeze while driving down the highway…but sadly, if I did I would freeze; there is nothing to smell and even though we haven’t needed long johns under our clothes for the last few days, the air is far from being warm....
We are not there yet…It is still winter.
We just have to hold out for a little over a month and then we’re home free!
I think as much as I do love winter and snow, several weeks of dreariness in a row can wear on a person. The bitter cold and bone-chilling, icy days are no fun.
The dead of winter is much like being in a rut in life; too much of the same old, same old. It can feel awful day-after-day waking up to the same cloud hanging over our head.
Bleak forecasts give way to discouraging outlooks; so much that we can’t see the green grass beneath the snowy path never mind the silver lining within the clouds.
So, to break the winter doldrums in mid-February, many retailers will use brighter colors and bigger sales. Magazines will publish much more motivating and exciting content and new diets will be out momentarily. They know, this is the last stretch and we need a little something more to make it through.
Some of these things might work for well for some people, but I think when life’s ruts are big, we need something more; and not a ‘thing’ at all.
It can be more encouraging to not list material things at all, but write down things that many of us experience. Things that make our day bright, even if the sun is not shining and the ones that without, life  would feel unbearable.
Let us appreciate blessings like:
The sun
Clean running water
A roof over our heads
The gifts of sight, sound and touch
 Our loved ones
The freedom to worship
The opportunity to learn
…Just to name a few…
So even if the weatherman doesn’t predict tomorrow to be a sunny day…
Make it one yourself!
Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.'– Anthony J. D’Angelo


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