Monday, March 21, 2011



I DON’T WANT YOU TO Follow me… instead, I’D LIKE YOU TO go with me. 

I’m a blogger on a mission to lighten people’s days.
I’m not selling anything except contemplation and smiles.
I’m not an expert on anything, just experienced in my own existence. 
Once single, once married, once divorced; three children, working hard and persevering.

Life does have its doozies, and I seem to end up with many of them, but somehow on most days I still end up happier than I was the day before, so I figure, why not share...

If you know someone who would benefit from reading my blogs, please share me!
I hope to reach as many people as I can so thank you in advance for sharing me and my goal.
Please forward my blog link to someone today!

And in case you haven’t had much time to spend on Yellow Inspiration, here’s a map of tools:

  • ·         Subscribe- to button: get an email notification of my most recent post and not have to wait for me to post link on Facebook and/or get updates on comments made on the post.
  • ·         Post a comment
  • ·         See a list of books that changed my thinking and changed my life
  • ·         A list of what I’m reading now
  • ·         A list of what I’m reading again
  • ·         A list of my non-fiction favorites listed by title and author
  • ·         A list of fiction books/writers I like; because as much as I love non-fiction, I absolutely NEED some fiction to balance it out.

  • ·         Use the loaded web button to search geographically for other blogs written in your area or far away 
  •        My email address for privacy- use it to ask me questions, give me suggestions, and/or      feedback
If there is a tool(s) on this list that you have not yet utilized, please do so and let me know what you think.
                                             Thank you!
‘You can make your world so much larger simply by acknowledging everyone else’s.’
                                                                          – Jeanne Marie Laskas

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