Friday, March 11, 2011

My Mad Lib Answers

Today I got up at  ____noon_____ and put on some ______designer clothes____________  for a change. I went out into the ____library_____________ and grabbed a _______________book___________________ and sat down in the _____garden_______________.
_____Ryan___________  came in while I was ____reading_________ and offered me a  __crepe__________________.
It had been  __5____ years since I’d had that for breakfast.  After I had the maid _____cook breakfast_________ AND _____take out trash_______________  I decided  to go to __the book store ____________ .  I saw _________Taylor________________  and asked her to go with me.  On the way we decided to grab some lunch at ______sushi restaurant______________________.
We hopped into my ______Lexus________ . And on the way we talked about ______books_______________ _______and _________movies______________.  We stopped at ______shoe store_______________ and bought _10_  _____shoes_______________________ ___ ‘s  then we were on our way.
While at the restaurant  _________Oprah________________ joined us for lunch and afterwards she/he invited us onto the set of the show __________Oprah Winfrey Show ____________________.
_____Wow______________! That was fun! 
It was about time for us to be going because I had to pack for ______Hawaii_________________! 
I dropped ______Taylor_____________ off at her house and went home to get my  _____feet___________massaged.
I couldn’t wait to leave; it was going to take ___10__ hours to get there by ____plane_________________ .
Since I would be away for__10___  weeks, I left a list of things to be done while I was gone;
1.       ____clean cat boxes________
2.       ____laundry_______________
3.       ____sort socks_____________
4.       ____clutter clean____________
5.       ____wash slip covers_________
6.       ____clean furniture__________
7.       ____grocery shop___________
When I arrived at my destination the temperature was ­­­­_75____degrees and I was thrilled to finally be there.
I could smell the               roses______ and the _______ocean__________. The time flew by so quickly. 
While I was there  I enjoyed ___horseback riding_____,  __spa ____,
____massage________________, ______shopping______________, and  learning      ________golf_______________.
For dinner every night I ate __pasta & seafood_______________,  sipped  _____champagne___________________ by the ________sunset_______ and had ____teri me su___ for dessert .
 As I crawled into my bed at the hotel on my last night, I dreamt that every day could be like this one.
The next morning, when I woke up to the sound of ____ocean on the shore_____ I thought, ‘I will miss  ______Hawaii____________________  but I really miss ________Taylor, Tatum, Justice, Ryan _______________ and ________________my own pillow and my pets____________________________ more….
Life swap was nice, but I can’t wait to go back home.

'Joy is the feeling of Grinning inside.' - Melba Colgrove, Phsychologist
     Happy Friday!
If you are interested in doing this Madlib, refer to last Fun Friday's post: Life Swap (3/5/11) and use the list to compile your words...then  use Saturday 3/6/11- Life Swap Cont'd post to fill in the blanks! Have Fun!

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