Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If you've been visiting Yellow Inspiration it's obvious you value motivation and personal growth.
It's also apparent that you appreciate those little positive morsels each day which help inspire you to keep going.

So do I! 

There‘s a mini-book that I like to read. It's called Bits & Pieces and it’s full of motivational quotes and inspiring stories.

If you love a positive tidbit now and again to help...

·         Remind you to keep your chin up
·         Remind you to stop and smell the roses
·         Remind you that it isn’t as bad as it seems
·         Inspire you to ‘go for your dreams’

…You should be reading this!

 I first started reading Bits & Pieces in 1998.
And each time I read something from it, it made my day!!
This publication is available in small monthly paperbacks. 

 I love it so much I'm running a contest so I can share it with YOU!

Starting April 13, 2011 and going until May 12, 2011, the reader with the most comments on Yellow Inspiration WINS A FULL 12 month subscription to the Bits & Pieces Magazine!

Contest Rules:
You cannot be a member of my family (for obvious reasons)
Comments must be made between 12:00 am, April 13th and 11:59 pm on May 12th.

The winner will get their own twelve month subscription to Bits & Pieces Magazine mailed to them monthly!

The winner will be posted on Yellow Inspiration
Friday, May 13th!

Happy Commenting and Good Luck!

'Don't let anything keep you from struggling and seeking to be a decent, striving human being. It is where you are headed not where you are from that will determine where you end up.' 
  - Marian Wright Edelman (Founder of the Children's Defense Fund)
                        (A quote in an issue of Bits & Pieces Magazine)


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