Monday, April 11, 2011

FU on Clutter Cleaning (Don't worry-this went better than Grace)

Take Two of 'Let’s Tackle Clutter'
I DID IT!!! 

I set aside time this weekend to tackle my living room!!!
The kids can sit on the couch again, my fiancee can find the ottoman, and I can write without moving ten million things beforehand! 

Here is the before picture of a section of my writing area:

Here is the after:

What did it take exactly?

A free Saturday morning, a garbage bag and some storage bins...

...and the courage to throw papers away! (See, I told you this Follow Up would be better than Grace;)

What 1 thing did YOU do this week to clutter clean?
Did you attack the junk drawer? The linen closet? The trunk of your car maybe? 

I know! Maybe you decided to clean out the pantry or your Tupperware cabinet!!!! 

NO? -You didn’t do any clutter cleaning or purging this week?????????

Well, warm weather is coming; Spring Cleaning Season has arrived
Do it now, before you spend all your time outside!!!

"Less is more." - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (architect)


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