Monday, May 16, 2011

Get Motivated Now!

A Bill Cosby says, 'Get up! Do It!'

Last week I attended the Get Motivated Conference in downtown Cleveland and it was amazing!

I am a self help guru for sure and I imagine that most people who attended the seminar are similar to me; I can’t get enough of absorbing motivational feedback. We could all use a little pep talk now and then– no matter what stage we are at in life and no matter what we are trying to accomplish.

Truth be told, we cannot do it alone either. That is why there are things like this event to go to where people, who started out just like you and I share what they learned along the way…likewise there are books and audio tapes, TV Shows like Oprah and the Biggest Loser to encourage us.

During the conference I had an opportunity to hear from several different people about what they thought I should know. I would like to share some of what I got out of it.

Twelve Things I Learned From Get Motivated:
1)      Your Drive Determines Your Destiny
2)      We All Have Amazing Ideas (But most of us do nothing with them)
3)      Don’t Be a Victim! (Quit Waiting to Be Rescued.  
4)      Do Right  (Do everything to the best of your ability and always show people you care)
5)      You have 2 Choices in Life: Stay down or pick yourself up
6)      Don’t Let People Who Don’t Care About You Ruin Your Day-Lou Holtz
7)      Take Risks (You may regret what you do, but you will surely regret what you don’t do more.)
8)      In Life You Need a Plan: If you don’t have one, you are merely a Fan (not a Player in the game of life)
9)      God Puts People on The Planet for You to Bless Them
10)   Invest as Much into Your Mind As You Do In Your Car Yearly
11)   Have Goals!
12)  You are Rich Without Fame, Fortune and Stuff (I knew this already but wanted to share it;)

5 Questions to ask yourself:
1)      If you didn’t go to work tomorrow, didn’t come home who would miss you? Think about how special you are
2)      What are your goals?
3)      Who is your role model?
4)      Do you see opportunity?
5)      Are we creating a sense of disruption around us from fears and insecurities?

Something to tell yourself: Winners are not whiners.


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