Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Self-Esteem So Simple, It's Childs Play

How many people do you know have great self esteem?

I know several and they are very happy people.
They are fair, kind and always giving.

On the other hand, I also know a few people who really don’t have any self esteem at all. 

They don’t particularly like themselves very much. They are mean, condescending and very competitive. They love to challenge that you are, and tell you what to do but can never figure out who they are or take care of their business. 

They’re hard to be friends with.

And they’re sort of like bullies. 

Bullies bully because they are trying to gain a sense of self-worth. And always trying
to accomplish it by using short-cuts.

They enjoy trying to make people feel bad so that they may feel better.

A bully comes in all shapes and sizes, and contrary to popular belief, bullies aren’t just kids.

They can be adults as well.

A bully is just feeding a monster. One that will never be satisfied.
And no matter what they do, it will never be enough, because self respect and self esteem come from the inside.

It is about who you are; not what you have, who you know, how much you make or what you’ve accomplished over others.

In such a materialistic, commercialized America and in a celebrity obsessed society, it's easy to see how hard it might be to grow up understanding what truly matters. In this day and age it’s hard not to think about what we have or don't have...

But imagine a natural disaster came-and it wiped out everything you owned…

Would you know who you were?

And more importantly would you like yourself?

In a time where it’s getting harder and harder to afford the extras and job losses are at an astronomical high, people everywhere have been forced to sit back and take stock of what really matters. They are seeing that who they are is not about what they have.

Here is a website someone suggested to me. The video on the home page is a great one.

This site is meant for parents and children. The philosophies seem to support this: 

  • Do what’s right
  • Treat others kindly
  • Treat people how you would like to be treated

Such a simple philosophy.
But yet, is so difficult for some to put into practice.

I like this quote I saw taped to the principal’s desk at my child’s school:

'Will someone else's life be brighter tomorrow because of what you have done today?' 
           -William Arthur Ward

Be kind to someone today... just because....

Believe it or not it will increase your self-esteem.

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