Friday, May 27, 2011

I Park Like an Idiot

I would actually like to think that I do NOT park like an idiot.

  1. I have never parked diagonally in the hopes of preventing other drivers from opening their car doors into my car (I have the dents to prove it).
  2. I have never illegally parked in a handicap spot.
  3. I have never taken up two parking spots in a parking lot (unless of course I was pulling a trailer).
  4. I have never parked my car in a tree (well at least not on purpose).
  5. I have never parked so close to someone that they could not open their door enough to get into their car.
  6. I have never tried passing a stopped school bus with it's lights on, and ripped a hole down the side of my vehicle (which someone in our neighborhood did this spring)...
Okay, so the last guy wasn't exactly parking....but it was worth the mention.

Check out this link of people who (apparently) park like idiots:
Picture from
I am not completely sure that these bumper stickers are truly for sale, but boy let me say that they look like something worth keeping in my car for those people who don't know how to park.

Happy Friday!



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