Monday, June 20, 2011

One Size Does Not Fit All

One size does not fit all when it comes to motivation. 

I like to think that I motivate people, but who knows, maybe I don't.
For example, maybe it takes spending time around the elderly that lead some people to maximize their time on earth.

Others might be frozen in fear by it and maybe even depressed.

Maybe visiting countries which are less fortunate than us can cause someone  to want to help, but might drive others to be fearful for themselves and inspire greed.

I read a book last year called The Last Lecture’.  

It motivated me. 

It did not push me to become someone I’m not and it did not inspire me to run a marathon either….but it did change the way that I think.

I was inspired to be appreciative for the dreams that I have achieved, be happy for the time I do have and for the blessings that are bestowed upon me…

Rather than

Be disappointed by what I do not have, did not get and have not accomplished.

Randy Pausch’s book moved me; his wife Jai moved me. 

The story made me think the opposite of the way I used to think. 

Instead of dwelling daily on the things I’d not done and how long it took me to do the things that I had, I began to feel blessed for the things I’d accomplished and I started to realize how much time I still  have left…and not to waste a minute of it.
It afforded me patience to be myself now, enjoy the positive memories of the past and look forward to the future….no matter how slow it developed in my own eyes.

Here is another story that changed my thinking:

Erin Crossin Grenon’s Road to Recovery Blog
Erin motivates me, her husband Dustyn moves me. Their story makes me realize how careful we must be with our lives, our words, our motives. And how strong we must be during tragedies and how we should always be grateful for the air we breathe and the people who love us. 

The undenying strength and unconditional love that Erin’s husband and family have for her; the ability to see past today…which isn’t lovely, to a future that will someday, hopefully, be close to normal.

Here are two other links that I like to read:
I just love this post from  May 26th on Better Life Coaching:

Rowdy Kittens:
Reminds me how beautiful life is when I move out the stuff in my life. It makes me appreciate lthe things that really matter like nature and people... and that learning to live with less is practical and peaceful.

Visit these blogs, not just because I told you to, but because reading stories are the best way to gain another perspective.

We all need it sometimes to change our thinking and light a fire underneath us to change.

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