Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LIfe is Short...Speak Up

A lot of people think I am outspoken, weird and maybe a bit goofy.

I just think that they are curious why I feel so free to be the way that I am.

I will tell you why; Life is too short to be someone or something else.

Ever since high school I remember having a mantra: Life is too short to be miserable...

And so occasionally I would make decisions that some might not have understood or agreed with...and I may have even come across brash and cold....but do you know what?

I do not regret a thing :)

Over the years I have lived for me and my family....not for anyone else...

Here is a  list of things you should say before you die and I believe that if you do even half, it will change your life forever and leave you feeling a lot freer than you do today....


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