Monday, August 8, 2011

Lost (RePost w/Link)

Ever get lost? 

Sure there’s Mapquest and GPS navigators and good old fashioned maps…so you shouldn't get off track, but have you ever just taken a wrong turn? 

Or, you know, when your GPS doesn’t realize you've just passed the road you should’ve turned down?

It stinks when that happens and can get quite discouraging if it happens more than once.

Usually it’s not too much effort to get back on track, but it does occasionally take longer than expected.

Ever notice that staying calm and thinking positive is the key to getting through it?

I had to travel somewhat far away recently. It was about an hour south of me and I had never traveled the road before.

As I drove south on the highway I got to thinking…

Just because you're going South doesn’t necessarily mean you are headed down.

It made me wonder how many people actually think that every bump in the road or wrong turn is actually a negative thing, rather than a positive thing.

I like to refer to a song that I know. 

It’s from my favorite band, Coldplay.

It’s called Lost (and actually a woman made this cool video to go along with it).

Listen to Lost -- and imagine-- what if every wrong turn or missed opportunity was meant to be. 

...That you were supposed to travel this road you're on so that you can see and/or experience whatever it is that is on that particular path.

Keep Calm and Carry On...


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