Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Favorite Blog Took a Break

One of my favorite blogs took a break and nearly broke my heart this summer.

Okay, well maybe the devastation was not quite so severe, but I was pretty first.

I look forward to reading Rowdy Kittens and I love what Tammy reflects on and how she shares.

Back at the end of June, when Tammy posted her 'Taking a July Digital Sabbatical: Why and How?', I think I nearly fell off my chair!

She was leaving the Internet and her blog behind for an entire month! HUH!?

How would she survive this? How would her readers not go somewhere else?

Why would she do that?

After a long and (semi) patient wait, she returned from her vacation, and I received her August 1st post!

And now I know why she did it.

An inspiration to everyone wanting to relax, reconnect (and not via the Internet), read, write and just 'be'...

Read her blog today...A Beginner's Mind: Insights from my Digital Sabbatical

Thanks Tammy!

(Going away for a month did not make me forget about your made me look forward to them more;)


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