Friday, September 9, 2011

Ten Years After 9/11

It's ten years later...

And you and I are still carrying on.

Our lives might have been inconvenienced that day, and our hearts might have been broken, but since then we have healed and are living life almost as if it never happened.

I believe that unless you are touched personally from a particular tragedy, the sting can never truly be felt.

There are thousands of rememberance events out there this week for the anniversary of September 11th, and there are so many, I don't think I know which one to participate in.

Likewise, there are so many people to pray for, honor and remember, I don't quite know where to start.

Because of that, this week I've decided to to dedicate all 3 of my blogs to the awareness of 9/11's victims. Each one being different in it's focus.

On Family Matters I've chosen to share websites on the families who are coping, organazations they have created, and the ways they are helping the rest of the world deal with that horrific day ( and the future of America).

On Divorce Dazed I have shared links where readers can get education, support as well as give back. In addition, I share a story I found, which highlights an odd trend of NY firefighters who've left their wives after September 11th to marry the widows of their fallen comrades.

On Yellow I wanted to give you an inspiring story.

Because without them, it would be a pretty angry world.

America is angry, that goes without saying, but without something positive to pull out of all of this we will surely forget the way.

This week, I didn't want to focus on me, and what I was doing that day... I did not lose a spouse, a child, a job, or my life. I was affected, yes, but not to the degree that the 'true' victims were.

In honor of the victims of the WTC Terrorist Attacks, please visit this  Family Tribute Page  to learn more about who they were. (They're listed alphabetically and some of the victims have a living memorial page.)
Thank you to all who serve, all who've lost and all who love.
May we some day have Peace.


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