Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary Yellow Inspiration: New Things Coming!

A year ago I decided to check out this 'blogging thing'.

I started Yellow Inspiration so I could give back, do what I love, and hold myself accountable to write everyday.

I knew that it would eventually help me to get motivated enough to write my book.

2 new blogs, 416 Posts, 15,313 page views, currently working on my book finally, and recently started my own copywriting and editing company, ...

Blogging has been a blessing.

And, now Yellow Inspiration is growing to new levels!

It's getting a new look!
New Features like most popular blog posts tab in the sidebar!
Yellow is now being added to Wordpress!
 Andis Y.I. NEW on Wednesdays!
Visit the new Y.I. Tab to see what it's all about!

You've been a blessing!

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