Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Love the Beach in the Off Season

I went to the beach yesterday. What a beautiful day it was. Sunny and 60, with a slight breeze... Wow...

While I was there, it was hard not to notice the quiet.

Other than that, all I heard were seagulls flying above, a nearby train passing by and the water splashing up onto the shore.

It was the most wonderful way to spend my afternoon.

I like to the beach most in the off-season, when there are fewer people and it's not crowded and busy.

During my time there today, I heard no clicking of the mouse, no ringing of the phone, no text notifications, no car horn beeping......

The beach in the off season is my quiet place. 

For me, it's Peace at it's fullest.

While I walked on the sand, I picked up a few small rocks, like I usually do when I go.

I thought about random things...nothing pressing.

I sat down and read a chapter of a book.

But, most of all I just closed my eyes and listened.

Nature has to be the best place to take a time-out, because there's nothing there that's man-made.

It's all natural, and all amazing.

What strange weather for the last day in January... in a northern (snowy) state such as ours.

But I feel lucky that it is this warm, and that I was able to enjoy today this way.

I believe it was enough to refresh me until the next time I go.

Where's Your Quiet Place and Why Do You Go There? 
Is it to rejuvenate, gain clarity, or simply just to relax? 

Wherever your quiet place is, I hope you go there often.

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