Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freedom of Expression Through Art

What is art?
My opinion:  Art is self expression of the soul, a form of you.
Anything that you create with your hands, or your imagination, is a part of your deepest self. Being active in an art project or craft can unlock your deepest and most creative spirit. Art speaks to your deepest child. And sometimes that’s what we need… is to play.
Can you remember your favorite activities as a kid? They probably had to do with building or creating something. In schools now a days, we struggle to fund art programs, and I feel very sad about that and think we need to support keeping art in school  because art is a wonderful way to express your individuality and do it freely. Art lifts us up, encourages us, challenges us and frees our soul, and in some areas it is even used as therapy.
Cooking, ceramics, photography, calligraphy, designing, furniture making, woodworking, sewing, upholstering, cross stitching, metal works, automobile restoration, auto painting, candle making, face painting, scrapbooking, writing, doing murals, wine making, glass blowing, painting, jewelry making, flower arranging, card making, quilting, inventing, hairdressing, software designing, writing or playing music, etc.…the list goes on and on of all the kinds of arts forms there are.
Have you ever just sat and admired someone who is doing an art or craft? It is an amazing thing to see that person so submersed in what they are doing.  They are in their element. They are inside of themselves.
I’ve met many people who have left regular 9-5 jobs to do their art. Some have made money at it and some have not. Most, if asked, would do it for free anyways, because they love it so much and they consider it their passion.
Take a few minutes to look around you and to notice someone’s art. It’s all around us. It’s clothing, buildings, cars, staircases, furniture, fabrics, business cards, websites and more. When we travel or seek entertainment, it is hotels, golf courses, restaurants, movies, and more.  Each and every item that has been designed has been designed by an artist or a team of artists. They each have a special gift which is in their craft.
Not all of us have to turn out to be professional artists, but we should at least try one new art form or craft a year.
What lost art would you like to revisit from childhood, or what new type of art would you like to try? What would you like to do in your daily life that taps into your creative artistic self? 
Take a class. Be like a child for a moment. Play. No one should grow and become an adult and forget about playing… Imagine being free to create something with your hands and your imagination…no limitations, no rules.
Here is a ceramic project I did about 7 years ago. It is far from being an A+ , but I made it myself, I did my best and I love it. I picked out the shape, color and writing on it. I keep it on my dresser as a jewelry tray. It’s one of my symbols; to remind me of all the years that wanted Happiness in my life. I had Happiness all along regardless of my situations or what was going on around me…Happiness didn’t go anywhere.
I just have to keep practicing it;)



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