Saturday, November 6, 2010


A friend once told me, that two things you can be sure of are death and taxes. Another is change.

Today, the weather is changing, again. The fall leaves are not yet completely off the trees and we have our first snow in Ohio.

It’s beautiful to me. I love it and I embrace the difference of the seasons (hence, why I made a geographical move laterally, relocating from Connecticut to Ohio three years ago, when I had an opportunity to move south).

Change is inevitable. I think most of the time, once comfortable, we’d prefer no change whatsoever. When something’s working, why change? Similarly, we wish that the good times would last, the warm weather would stay longer and relationships would freeze in the ideal romantic moments. But they can’t.

Take ourselves, for example. If things are comfortable, why seek anything else? Things are working out, so why change?

I love to persue self-understanding and personal growth. I believe that although we all have our own knowledge, perspective and outlooks we should be open-minded to different ones. We should be open to change.

If we are, we will actually see ourselves and our abilities grow to amazing capacitie. We will seek new heights and may surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish and who we can become.

I feel that on the other hand, being close-minded to change, can lead us to become stagnant. We can be so set in our ways and habits we will ultimately limit our abilities to succeed at greater levels and grow as a person.

Granted the top reasons for close-mindedness tend to be ignorance and fear; just not understanding or wanting to understand new ideas or concepts and the fear of the work that might be involved.

Acceptance of circumstances and settling for what the situation is, can also prevent change.  We just assume we can’t change, and that change would be too difficult to achieve; downright nearly impossible. So, it is what it is.

But, if we only take a look at things with new eyes, be curious and investigate new ideas, face the fear and come out of our comfort zone, we will expand our perspective and our potential!

I feel passionate about what people can do when they embrace change. Make a goal to try something new this week, take on a different perspective or ask a new question. Challenge yourself to think. You might find change isn’t such a bad thing;) and that it may just open some doors.

Don’t forget to set the clocks back tonight and look forward to change.

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