Friday, November 12, 2010

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

One of the most common things that most of us deal with is getting out of bed in the morning. Blach…
Some can just wake up with energy and hop out of bed with pep. Some cannot. And some have no choice, they have built-in alarm clocks called kids or pets. Every day, at about the same time, (barring there hasn’t been a recent time change;),  at their feet, is a big set of eyes, letting them know, ‘it is now time to get up’. For some people, it’s both the kids and the pets, in which case would be several sets of eyes.
For those of us who were not blessed that unexplained a.m. energy, or those lovely gifts of children and animals, they might need some of the well-known tricks and tips to help them get up from their nice warm beds.
Here are a few:
1.       Putting  your alarm across the room in hopes that when it goes off, you will get up…and stay up, rather than hit snooze and go back to sleep.
2.       A fancy alarm with a light on it; when the alarm begins reaching the scheduled time to go off, the light begins to come on, mimicking the sun-rise and waking you naturally. It’s actually very cool and does work.
3.       Put the alarm near the bed, and have a smooth routine of hitting snooze once, maybe twice, and then, be awake enough to start the day.  
4.       A loud obnoxious alarm to motivate you to get up and shut the darn thing off. (Personally, that never worked for me…Honestly all I wanted to do was pick it up and throw it across the room. Not a good way to begin the day.)
Maybe you need the fancy, loud alarm, placed on the dresser across the room, the cat or dog whining, the kids at your bedside staring at you, with the lights on, while someone’s banging at your front door.
That would get me up too.
Years ago, I traded in my alarm clock for my phone. I set it to wake me up to the same song every day. Yellow, by Coldplay. I love that song. It just talks to me. And although it doesn’t always get me rushing out of bed, it does motivate me enough and reminds me that there is a super day waiting for me and I have some many wonderful reasons to leave my nice cozy bed and go out into the world.
No matter how you do it, find some way to make you’re a.m. start off right because it will set the pace for the rest of the day. Ask me how I know…

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