Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What would you do...

 if you knew that you only had a month to live? 

I know what I would do, I would never worry again and I would spend the rest of my time with my family.
I haven’t figured out if it would be good, or not, to know when you’re going to die. 

Would it be a gift? You’d be given a chance to tell people all the things you wanted to say? Would it help to know that your time is limited? Ir is horrible to know that the time is shorter than you anticipated?

Given the choice I’m not sure which of these I would want, but I guess I won’t have to worry about that. I will not have the privilege to choose.

On my side bar is a list of books that I’ve read. One of my favorites is Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture. I encourage everyone to read it. It’s short, poignant, humorous and touching. It really makes you think.
When I was reading it, I felt that that Randy was trying to say that his bucket list has been met. He had achieved success in life because, in his eyes, each of his dreams was achieved. He explained his childhood dreams, how his parents supported those dreams, and how he grew into a man and pursued those dreams and then made more dreams come to fruition, which he eventually shared with his wife.

He had cancer. He left behind three very young children and he also left behind his Last Lecture in writing…to remind those who have time left on Earth to be grateful for it and to live it to its potential. He reminds us to be ourselves, love those who are important to us and not to give up on our childhood dreams.  I was down when I read it, I knew I needed to hear what he had to say.

He teaches us not to sweat the small stuff as he dumps coca cola all over his new cars seats to prove to his niece and nephew that it is not the car that matters to him, but the time spent together with them, is what’s important…good thing, since on his return trip to get them to their mom, his nephew throws up all over the back seat.

Life is a gift to us and our life is a gift to others as well. I know this because there are people everywhere who know someone who blessed their lives, but who is now no longer with them in the physical form. We all touch one another and we are all the same; brothers and sisters, emotional and imperfect, ever changing, linked.
There is not a day that goes by I’m not aware of those who will be greatly missed from my life if they were taken from me tomorrow. The goal is to tell them and show them often, exactly how important they are to me and how much it means to have them in my life.

Our over scheduled lives, work schedules and stresses..the imposed deadlines and forced appointments are just some of the many things that keep us distracted and can inevitably keep us from telling someone we thought about them today, love them and appreciate them.

As life happens and we continue to endure daily stresses, we, as a result, can occasionally take for granted the present. We may not think about how life would change if someone we love were not there anymore. We can become impatient, short, or tend to procrastinate making that phone call, writing a note or sending a card. It happens,  life happens. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that it’s happening, stop..and take a moment to touch someone.

For those who are stellar at the phone calls and the visits, and who never let the sun go down without reaching out, you are beautiful. You are special.  I know several people like that and I admire them. They have enjoyed and appreciated all of their time on earth with their loved ones, and those loved ones never doubted for a minute how much they were loved and appreciated.

The past is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift, that is why we call it the present.-Eleanor Roosevelt
                                 In memory of Gayla Arlia and Glen Roberge
    ~If today was your last day - Nickelback~

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