Friday, January 28, 2011

Coffee to the Rescue...Or not...

I love coffee! I don’t know many people who don’t. (Or maybe I’m just not friends with them…)
I can drink coffee hot or cold, black or creamed, flavored or plain. I will drink coffee anywhere, any place for any reason and yes, even if it’s a day old…I just LOVE coffee!
I was stunned this week to find a website that will give the estimated ‘death by caffeine’ count!
If you go to their website and click on a drop down box of drinks that include caffeine, you can ‘pick your poison’, plug in your weight and hit enter.
Then you can find out exactly how many drinks of that particular caffeinated beverage it would take to put you under.
I was surprised at the following:
A)     That there is actually a website that does this…but, why should I be?  This is the internet we’re talking about!
B)      I should really watch how much coffee I drink. that…WHAT!?
C)      That it would take way more caffeine to put me out than I had guessed!
D)     That it is okay for me to drink more red bull than coffee, because for some reason, there’s more lee-way with that…lol…go figure!
My total would be 59.68 cups of coffee before I’d have to call it quits and 80.19 cans of Red Bull (I’m totally assuming that we’re talking about the small cans….)
Wow, the things we can learn on the internet.
I like red bull when I travel, but for now I will stick to my regular, daily overdose of coffeeJ  thank you very much!!
But, at least I know that I’ll be okay on my trips when at 3 in the morning I’m guzzling those two super sized cans of Red Bull back to back…
It only feels like I’m going to have heart attack three hours later…because according to this I have at LEAST  76 more cans to go….


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