Monday, January 31, 2011

Time Is On Your Side

I used to think that time was my enemy. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick….tock.
The seconds, minutes and hours continuously counting down…
It always seemed as if the clock next to me was forever pressuring me to make a decision, accomplish something or be somewhere.
I was constantly in a race with time to get to where I wanted to be; literally and figuratively.
But I’ve noticed that time can also work the opposite way as well.
When we are waiting in line for something, how many of us feel that time just doesn’t go by quick enough?
And how about when we’re in pain? Doesn’t it always feel like the moment will never pass?
I distinctly recall a time where I went through something like that.
I was sitting in my kitchen, crying my eyes out. I was still living in Connecticut and had recently divorced.
I had done it! I had divorced my husband. I had gone back to work after being a stay at home mom for two years. I had successfully made it through a one year battle to finish the legal part of the divorce and I was happy! So why was so petrified?
Because I felt like the clock of life was going too fast.
That night in my kitchen, five years ago, I panicked about now. It seems silly, but I really did fret about today. 
The divorce was final and I was free. But I heard the tick tock of the clock and worried about where I would be and what I would be doing in several years.
So, here I am; it is February of 2011 and it has been 5 years since my divorce and what I realized was that time was never my enemy…time was always my friend.
Time was a tool. Patience and faith was the key.
I am right where I am supposed to be. And I have been on a wonderful journey.
I successfully found work in Ohio, I relocated with my three children, I won custody, I’m writing again and now I’m getting married to the love of my life.
These are all good things… and none of which would have happened without time.
If I was hasty for results and too quick to arrive somewhere, I would have made lots of devastating mistakes.
See, when we are patient, we give ourselves the necessary opportunities we require to become who we are meant to be... as well as where we are meant to arrive…
Our destiny if you will.
Time can help us in other ways too.
In every day events time can help tame a tongue, encourage us to think before we make a decision, and has proven to help us make smarter purchases (when we wait a week or two to buy something we can’t live without…we end up not buying it at all…because time taught us that we don’t really ‘need’ it).
Time can create stronger relationships and heal broken hearts.
Time is not against us, it's actually our friend.
So, the next occasion when you feel pressured by the tick tock of the nasty clock…look at it and smile.
Time is a Gift, Use it Wisely
Be thankful that you have that extra time to say you’re sorry, change your mind, grow as a person or fix a mistake.


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