Thursday, March 31, 2011

Einstein was no fool...

I decided to relax after dinner by reading something different.
I picked up a recent issue I had of Women's Day magazine (April 1, 2011)

I don't normally get this magazine. It's a replacement for a subscription I have to an interiors mag, which subsequently went out of print. I had not yet tossed this issue.
...maybe this is part of my problem....

Anyways, I came upon an article about organizing. The title: ‘No More clutter’ by Arianne Cohen.

'YAH RIGHT!' was the first thing that came to mind. Well actually that was the second thing that came to mind. What came first was the daydream of a completely white room with maybe a splash of color; tightly organized bookshelves, and end tables that were spotless. I dreamt a bit further to see not a spec of dust, paper or clutter on any surface...

THAT'S when I woke up,  'YAH- RIGHT!'

I have several books on this subject and have actually come a long way with the help I've received   from friends and loved ones who don’t like stuff- (they scare me).

But...I'm still always left with a problem.

I have done the 'take pictures of artwork and memorabilia, then throw away the item'…It works.

I have created an art gallery in the hall for the kids ‘best’ art work, and I try to throw away things I don’t need. We have been giving away to Salvation Army, United Way, and neighbors for years. We resell books to the used bookstores, donate them to the library and to the kids’ schools. We don't really shop for 'stuff' so it's not like a have a surplus of extra things that I don't know what to do with.

But…there is still stuff!

So, I've been thinking that maybe, JUST maybe, it might be time to do that clutter clean thing again.
It wasn’t the article that made me want to tackle the clutter again, it was my own frustration!!
It infuriates me when I know that I have something but can’t find it.
Like many busy parents, home is the place where I show up, drop my belongings, tend to everyone and everything else and almost never organize anything.
I am forever in and out of the front door that I am too busy to sit-n-sort. At the end of the day, when I collapse… I'm checking over kids homework, reading, writing or on the phone.

And when I finally do set aside time to organize I get so caught up in the ‘every single thing I pick up’ deal;
And have to think about every piece and it tends to take too long, so I usually don’t do it until it is way over due and then I decide to pile it up and shove it in a cabinet…hence why I cannot find the paper I am looking for!

The living room was neat and clean and then.. I needed to find something! Grrrr.
I used to think it was just me who had a clutter problem….
But when there’s books on it, magazine articles covering it, T.V shows on it, organizing consultants selling their services, minimalists blogging about the ‘movement’ of less stuff…….

I know I am not alone.


Einstein's Desk Was Full of Clutter! :) And He Was a Genius!!! 

...Maybe Tomorrow I will Tackle Clutter...
Because Today I Am Feeling Rather Smart!
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