Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's Clutter Clean Today!

Let’s tackle clutter today!

I know that I’ve said this before…. but I mean it this time.  

Last time I was just thinking about it. 

You know… seeing if I liked the way ‘clutter cleaning’ rolled off my tongue…

I didn’t like it… so I decided not to do it. It became my April Fool’s joke instead.

Buuuutt….I have to admit that although I have done clutter cleaning over the years (I have! HONEST!), I think I may be out of the habit of identifying clutter and could stand to use a little refresher.

I recently talked to Karin E. Fried, CPC Organizational Consultant and maybe you can relate:

She said the Top 3 reasons for a person to clutter clean and work on changing clutter-keeping habits are:

1) Clutter causes stress... you don't want to invite people over because you are embarrassed with how your house looks...  so you cut yourself off from people
2) Clutter costs you money... you buy things that you already have...because you can't find them or don't know that you have them
3) Clutter costs you time... you are late for work or school because you can't find your car keys, report, 
briefcase/book bag....


While I am not always 1, 2 and 3 at the same time, nor am I any of these 100%, I can say that there’s been occasions where #3 happens a lot more often than I’d like to admit…and maybe once in a while my mess does sometimes seem to hurl me into a frenzy of ‘tidying up’ before someone arrives at my home for a visit…

She also said that the Top 3 things that most people need assistance with are:

1) PAPER Management  ,,,,  the most sought after reasons to hire an organizer
2) TIME Management
3) Space Management

Okay, so maybe I do need a little help.

But where do I begin???  Clutter cleaning seems like such a daunting task.

Many clutter books say that the kitchen is the most troublesome spot.

I do not agree.

So, I asked Karin.

She suggests doing these three things first:

1)  Make a goal list and keep it short. Do not come up with a huge game plan. You are only setting yourself up to fail.
2)  Pick one room or one project.
3)  Break that room/project down into even smaller projects....  that way you will do them and feel like you accomplished something...therefore you will continue with the rest of your plan
I get it! Instead of declaring that I’m going to clutter clean the whole house!!  Which sounds great!!

I will pick one room at a time; identifying the problem areas that I’d like to see changed, then tackle them one at a time, i.e.; junk drawer, kitchen counter, shelf over the sink or living room bookcase and cabinet.
Then of course there is the time factor: Scheduling some!!! LOL!  Because otherwise, I know it will never get done.

I will use this motto that I heard a couple years ago:

(I have a feeling I might also need to use My One Word: Grace…)

Wish me luck & maybe you will join me on my adventure!?
My 1st Room: Living Room 
Happy De-Cluttering!!!
Here is Karin’s latest Blogs about why people don’t ask for help with their clutter cleaning and of all things – Clutter in Gardening!
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