Friday, April 15, 2011

Not Necessary, But Worth The $$

I generally do not spend extra money on things that don’t seem practical or logical.
I think that I was brought up this way. 

My parents were not millionaires and they taught me to be wise and careful with my money. 

Then being a single mother for several years taught me a few things about spending and conserving.
But with that being said, I still find there are a few little things which are definitely worth the money and should be purchased if the desire is there and if you have the money, because just like dieting or discipline- we shouldn't completely go without a little treat now and again...
My favorite things are:

Ice cream

Fresh flowers 

Take-out Pizza

Morning Coffee
My favorite lotion
Egg nog in the winter
Scented Candles (My favorites, and when I buy them, the only ones I buy are Partylite)
A new CD (Mine usually comes in the form of a Christmas CD/once a year at Christmas)
This list of items might seem very random to you, and granted not one of them is a necessity.
That’s what makes them so special.   

Each one has a little convenience or comfort rating in my life and I have realized over time that I don’t want to give any of them up, if I can help it.
There are times when there is absolutely no room in our budget for extras, and therefore I cannot have everything I would like...but if I can manage one thing off this list every so often, it’s a treat and adds a little more joy to my life.
What are some of the little comforts you won’t give up?
Is it a dish in your kitchen that’s always full of your favorite candy? 
Is it a special coffee you look forward to every morning? 
Is it a membership to somewhere that you refuse to give up? 
Is it your weekly news paper or monthly magazine subscription?
What to you is clearly not necessary, but that you will not part with because if anything, it makes life easier, or just plain makes you smile?

Don't deprive yourself of it... 

...Life is too short...enjoy it.


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