Monday, April 18, 2011


Blogs are everywhere.

If you go to blogger and keep clicking the ‘next blog’ button you will find all types of blogs written by a variety of different people.

They are written in different languages, by different ages and genders regarding just about any subject. 

You can learn about food, hobbies, illnesses, your neighbors families events and more, by reading people's blogs.

Traditionally, these blogs are about the those who are writing them, or at least about something that involves them.

Blogs seem to be a way for people to be able to ‘tell’ someone about themselves. 
Kind of like Facebook, though with more space to write and with better graphics options.

It’s a neat concept and I love blogging. 

I just wonder where I fall into blogging because every time I write a post, I feel like it’s more about you-than it is about me.

Sure, I write them, and I do tend to share some personal information, but I do this for the reader.

My goal is to keep the ‘self’ to a minimum and the 'you' to a maximum.

I love interacting with people and I love getting to know them. 

I would very much like to get to know Y.O.U.

Write me a note about yourself; tell me your story, tell me what your dreams and aspirations are or what inspires you to be the best You! Tell me something that you would like to get better at. Tell me what has helped you most in your Journey through Life.

One of my favorite things to do is listen to others.

Send me a note about Y.O.U. to: 
(Or maybe you have a blog of your own and would like to share your link. Please do! I would love to read it!)


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