Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Friend or Un-Friend

On Facebook, as in real-life, it is sometimes necessary to Un-Friend someone.

It happens. Occasionally, a friend who you thought you knew turns out to be someone you didn’t expect them to be.

In life it’s a bit harder to Un-Friend someone, but my question is: Why do people do it?

I guess there are probably times when you Friended them, or they Friended you and it was too soon in the relationship to be Friends

Now that you feel like you know them better, you don’t like really like them anymore. Or maybe it’s an ex-boyfriend, (which I found out today you are supposed to Un-friend immediately-oops). 

I am sure there are tons of reasons for Un-friending somebody but I wonder if it happens because some people are concerned with having as many friends as possible, regardless of who they are or if they share similar interests and beliefs. 

Then they end up with Friends they don’t really know or even like...
(Correct me if I am wrong, if I say you are my ‘Friend’ doesn’t that mean that I have to at least like you?)


I’m left to assume they must be striving for Friend quantity rather than Friend quality.

Maybe it’s about some people choosing to act differently when you first start talking to them.

You meet someone new, or it’s someone you knew in the past and are meeting them again; the conversation seems nice, they seem nice but then you talk a few more times after that and the more you get to know them they seem to change

You eventually wonder who this person is. 

Usually, it’s not them changing, it’s the Real Them….it just took them a while to come out.

If that happens, no worries, FB makes it as easy to Un-Friend them, as it was to Friend them.

Just go to your Friends list, click edit friends and all of your ‘friends’ will be laid out in front of you (who are all completely unaware of what you are about to do- by the way)

Then, by clicking the little blue X next to their name you officially ‘remove’ them as your Friend

Now - they no longer exist.

Well, that is not entirely true. They do exist, just not in your FB World.

Honestly, I’d have to say that my  #1 reason to Un-Friend someone on FB (yes, I have done this) is because they do not sensor what they post and are either too crude or too judgmental and I don’t think that my friends and family would appreciate the lack of respect.

My wall is not for them to post their insulting or cruel thoughts. (Yes, Freedom of Speech, I get it, but really? It's just not neccessary.)

So, if you all of a sudden are no longer my Friend on FB -I guess you'll know why;)

*To all of my True Friends: 
I am blessed to know you and I know you are genuine and I respect you for being yourself. I appreciate you! (And sorry for any icky stuff you had to endure on my wall written by disrespectful Friends – that sounds like an oxy-moron..)

**A note to my future-potential-Un-Friends: If you Un-friend me or plan on Un-friending me in the near future, I would like to say thank you! 

I would rather you be honest and Un-friend me than pretend to Friend (like) me.

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