Friday, June 24, 2011

Engagement Photos Gone Wrong

It's Fun Friday, and as much as I hate making fun of people, because it's rude, it is a form of bullying and it is just downright wrong...I do get a kick out of the natural funnies in life that people offer me.

I was Stumbling, like I often do, and I found this in the family stumbles.

A site of Engagement Photos gone BAD.

Not crude or lude and not too bad...well, at least not too many of them...

I decided to share them with you for two reasons:

1) So that you will get a little chuckle today (because I did)
2) So you will learn what not to do (or let a photographer do) during a photography session

By the way, it is ironic that I came upon this site...

I am counting down the days of my own engagement and I have twice in the past two years had my photo taken with my fiancee and I wonder whether or not they look whether I should show them in an announcement...or save them for my grandkids...

You tell me...

AFTER you check these out:


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